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The Fall of The House of Usher

Honors English Project

G Mc

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The Fall of The House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe Setting The House of Usher atmosphere of sorrow black and lurid tarn mountain lake or pool Plot Dark Romanticism Narration Quest Sources Literary Criticism decayed trees bleak walls barely perceptible fissure Gothic rising tempest intense darkness full, setting, and bloodred moon walls rushing asunder fissure rapidly widened fierce breath of the whirlwind Childhood friend of Roderick Usher Madness Human psyche Usher: loss of sanity Pitiable mental idiosyncrasy He is crazy and mad His palace is corrupt Mad hilarity Portrayal of Roderick Quest for reality, but If we believe a situation to be real, then it is real in its consequence. If Roderick defines a situation as real, then to him it is. what is reality? 1st person Effective sets tone not much known usher definition narrator arrives at old, creepy house to meet with childhood friend
Roderick Usher explains he has an illness which he believes will kill him, called upon narrator for help
Usher says his sister, Madeline, will soon die
she does, narrator helps Usher to entomb her body underneath the mansion, narrator discovers they are twins
both Usher and the narrator become uneasy over the following days
Usher becomes hysterical one night, narrator reads him Mad Tryst to attempt to calm him down
Usher explains that they buried Madeline alive and she is trying to escape
Madeline enters the room, bloodied
she attacks Usher, both fall down dead
narrator escapes house just as it falls Heim, William J. "The Fall of the House of Usher: Overview." Reference Guide to American Literature. Ed. Jim Kamp. 3rd ed. Detroit: St. James Press, 1994. Literature Resource Center. Web. 20 Nov. 2012. "Edgar Allan Poe." Encyclopedia of World Biography. Detroit: Gale, 1998. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 20 Nov. 2012. Biography Born January 19, 1809 Poe died October 7, 1849 Married cousin Virginia 1836 Virginia died 1847 The Fall of the House of Usher published 1839 Edgar Allan Poe Lost mother to disease and father to desertion by 1812 Adopted by Allan family Dismissed from potentially successful military career due to disobedience Roderick is the only character Theme of unity Question of reality often criticized for lack of action various critical approaches
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