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I Have a Dream in Kinetic Typograpy - Viva

A Viva presentation for a university project

Derek Ho

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of I Have a Dream in Kinetic Typograpy - Viva

I Have a Dream in
Kinetic Typography By Derek Ho
S004276 Aims and Objectives Purpose Explore Kinetic Typography Refurbish old Footage Audio-based Video Content Research Kinetic Typography Typography Communication Evoking Emotions "I Have a Dream" Semiotics Subliminal messaging Public Speaking Film and Media Issues Lacked Overall Direction
Subliminal Messaging Development Issues Length
Skills 1- Create a visual piece to audio content
2- Refurbish a dated piece of footage Conclusion and
Reccomendation Depth of effects
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Possible use of subliminal messaging
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