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Learning Disabilities Presentation for Students

SPE 359

Carina Gayosso

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Learning Disabilities Presentation for Students

Individuals with Disabilities Act, 2004
"A disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or using language, spoken or written , that may manifest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write spell, or to do mathematical calculations"
What are the learning disabilities called?
How are learning disabilities diagnosed?
Grand Canyon University
Carina Gayosso
SPE 359

What are Learning Disabilities?
Say what?!
I.D.E.A. basically defines learning disabilities as a difficulty in speaking or listening.
How will a learning disability affect me in the classroom?
A learning disability can cause difficulties in skills such as:
Remember that frustration is a normal feeling that everyone experiences, even ME!
It is not bad to become frustrated, but be careful with how you demonstrate that frustration to others.

Discuss with the person next to you some ways you can keep from reacting negatively due to frustration.
How do I deal with frustration?
Lets talk about it!
Dyer, R. (2014). LD Definitions. [PowerPoint]

Roua, D. (2010). 33 Ways To Overcome Frustration. Dragos Roua. Retrieved September 8, 2014, from http://www.dragosroua.com/33-ways-to-overcome-frustration/

Response To Intervention (RTI). (n.d.). National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities. Retrieved September 8, 2014, from http://nichcy.org/schools-administrators/rti
Misidentificatons: The IQ-Achievement Discrepancy Model
- one of the oldest methods used to diagnose students
- compares:
general intelligence tests (like IQ tests) and achievement tests
- students who score at least 30 points higher on their intelligence test are considered to have an learning disability
(Dyer, 2014)
Preventing misdiagnosis: Response to Intervention (RTI)
Schools can:
- identify students who struggle

- monitor the progress of the students
- help students through the use of interventions
- adjust the interventions to meet students' needs
(Response To Intervention, n.d.)
Shift your focus to something you like. Go to your happy place!
Talk to your teacher or a trusted adult about it.
Write your feelings away! Keep a notebook or journal where you can write down your feelings when you don't feel like talking to others.
Ask to be removed from the situation. For example, take a walk to get a drink of water.
(Roua, 2010)
Keep a stress ball in your backpack or pencil box.
Take deep breaths and count to 10. This will help get oxygen to your brain and help you think more clearly!
(Dyer, 2014)
Dysphasia: affects language
Dyspraxia: affects fine motor skills
Dyscalcula: affects math
Dysgraphia: affects writing
Dyslexia: affects reading
How will it appear on my IEP?
Math Reasoning
Math Calculation
Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension
Written Expression
(Dyer, 2014)
(Dyer, 2014)
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