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Water Quality Review

No description

Teika Clavell

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Water Quality Review

Class Scape Review Water Quality Dissolved Oxygen High Dissolved Oxygen Levels = Colder Temperatures
High Turbidity = Low Dissolved Oxygen
High Temperature = Low Dissolved Oxygen
Nitrates When nitrate levels are high, oxygen levels are low
When nitrate levels are high, there is an increase of plant growth
Sudden increase of nitrate levels in a lake will result in increased vegetation to include algae and aquatic plants
Nitrate level increased are most often caused by runoff from agriculture

Turbidity Fish that live in turbid water will have problems with visibility and breathing; clogged gills
Turbidity is the measure of light through the water
Bioindicator Measure of organisms in a habitat
Will adapt to minor changes in the environment
Can be used to measure the health of an environment
Pollution A result of poor sanitation and natural occurrences such as floods
Chlorine is used to kill harmful bacteria
Flushing only human waste and toilet paper will help water treatment facilities
Filtration removes small particles form the water

pH Low pH is acidic
High pH is basic General Information Meteorologist monitor the hydrosphere daily
The main purpose of water quality efforts in streams, lakes, and rivers is to protect the health of humans
Sonar is used to help map and record distinct features of ocean basins
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