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Expresate 1 Chp 1 Geocultura Spain

No description

Allison Perryman

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Expresate 1 Chp 1 Geocultura Spain

1) Población: 40.037.995
2) Capital: Madrid
3) Idiomas: Castellano, Gallego, Vasco, Catalán
4) Moneda: Euro
5) Divided into 17 autonomous regions (+2 cities)

Facts about Spain
Feria de Abril: Sevilla
producer of olive oil
Torre Cerredo: el pico más alto en europa
*Located in Northern
Los Pirineos: separan Espana y Francia
La Mancha: a region in Spain
La Mancha is famous for windmills & for inspiring the novel Don Quijote
Las celebraciones
Barcelona: la sardana is a popular dance. In Barcelona they speak both Spanish and Catalan.
Galicia: maintains their Celtic traditions. They speak Gallego--kind of a mix of Portuguese & Spanish
Note: they don't dress like this everyday.
This is for a special occasion.
Flamenco & Castañuelas
La comida
La arquitectura
El Museo de Guggenheim: In Bilbao; Contemporary architecture
Avila: a city surrounded by medieval walls
La Mezquita: a former Arab mosque, reflecting the 700 years of Arab occupation in Spain
El arte
Las cuevas de Altamira: prehistoric paintings in Santillana
La Infanta Margarita: a painting by Diego Velazquez (1599-1660), located in the Prado; La Infanta Margarita was a former Spanish princess
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