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Deaf language

No description

Stetia Jean-charles

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Deaf language

Deaf language
What do we like about it?
The conclusion is that we like that special way to talk and we hope you lerned some things!
There is many ways to comunicate with out talkink: Writing, using gestures etc. but the way that intresse us the most is the deaf language.
Deaf language
Deaf language is a way to comunicate for some people. It's a very complicated language but people use it.
I find it interesting because it different it's an other way to talk. You don't need your mouth to talk and you can talk to people that are deaf or that dont talk.
People who use that language.
But it's not just for deaf people, some people that can't talk can use it to. It's their way to speak. Did you know that even you use that language by saying hello by the hand and other little signs?
Deaf language is new for us plus we don't have to talk and that is what we like.
I find cool deaf language because it's new to me and because it is so different than talking I love new things and that language looks fun to lurn. I learn a new way to talk that not every body know, I learn some thing special.
Thank you for listening
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