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The Photographs of The Year.

No description

Anne Gargano

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of The Photographs of The Year.

The Photographs of The Year.
What you should know:
The pictures will go in order from October- May, not in least favored- most favored.
This is how I felt about a lot of you, even if your in the TPOFT or not. (Yeah, were calling it that now.)
*Made by the one & only, Tanya*
*Represnting friendship is very photo of the year worthy.*
*Not to mention there cute, & happy & smiley, its all good man.*
*She looks like Princess Tiara <33*
This is iconic, my spirit animal.
On the left bottom corner you can see me in the mirror. I don't love this photo only because of the lovely clouds but because of how exicted I got when I saw it like "holy crapper, I'm so lucky I have this."
This almost wasn't photo of the year, I. changed my mind last mintue.
This almost wasn't photo of the year but than I looked at it and I was like "BUT SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY" So I was like, ight I'll allow it.
But this one, ya this was always going to be photo of the year no doubt.
I only put it in 1 for Kyra because lets be honest, Kyra had the most picture perfect face in most of her photos. If I were to put in her best photos, there would be loaaaads This was my favorite.
*I almost chose the one from November with her in the pink jacket*
Your probably wondering "whyy this photo???"but you don't need a reason, go with it bro.
This is the worst thing I've done ALLLLLLLL YEAR.
If your going to do something like this next year just delete all the photos you think aren't needed even if they are from months ago, don't have a rule on not deleting pictures.
Also don't be be lazy & find a spot to access your photos easily.
AND, if you have friends who want to see your photos and you have LOTS of photos start making your video while still doing your project, it will make it sooooooo much more easier.
Lastly, realize photos are memories and memories always stay the same, but things change, real life things change.
There will come a time when that photograph you love so much is just something in the past.
It's not the worst thing I've done all year, it was the hardest. I guess I'm the type of person who likes a challenge. There were some photos I loved with all my heart, even ones not in photographs of the year or even in the slides and
thats what makes it all worth it, the love in the photos *whispers* the love. The times I had with everyone were amazing, I hope there more to come and thank you for being apart of my project.
(if you want the full photo tell me.)
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