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New Student Seminar


Student Services Registrar

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of New Student Seminar

Welcome To Medaille College
School of Adult & Graduate Education Medaille Online campus Medaille College School of Adult & Graduate Education is located across three campuses:
Amherst campus
Rochester campus
Medaille Online campus Accelerated Learning Program Traditional Learning Model
Accelerated Learning Model Accelerated Learning Model Traditional Learning Model Initial Instruction
Lecture/Passive learning Repetition and Application Initial Instruction
Self-directed learning Repetition and Application
Collaborative Learning Review and Preview
Initial Instruction Facilitation FINANCIAL AID
FAQs How do I get Financial Aid? The process is relatively simple:
1. Complete FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our federal school code is 002777.

2. Undergraduate Students: Complete the TAP application at www.hesc.com. After you complete your FAFSA, you can click on the link which connects you to the HESC website. Enter Medaille’s Undergraduate TAP code:0505

3. Complete the electronic master promissory note (MPN) at www.studentloans.gov.

4. At the same website, complete the Subsidized/Unsubsidized entrance loan counseling.

5. A financial aid award letter will be available on MedailleOne. An e-mail notification will be sent to you once all information is received and all steps have been completed. How do I accept my award package? Follow the steps listed on the Financial Aid FAQs provided to you. If you have any questions about accepting your award package, contact Financial Aid. What is a Master Promissory Note? The Master Promissory Note is an electronic contract which authorizes the government to disburse multiple loans at your request to the school of your loan eligibility. Additional loans may be made under this Note for current or future periods of enrollment.

It is also your agreement with the government to repay your student loans.

A Master Promissory Note is valid for ten years.

Please note: Your loans will not be processed until you have completed your MPN and loan counseling. Failing to do so will stop your loan from being certified and paid to your student account. When I check my bill or MedailleOne, the tuition is different from my Award Letter. Why? Your bill is for one term. Your Award letter is for one academic year (Fall/Spring or Fall/Spring/Summer terms). Why do I need to send a copy of my employer’s reimbursement policy to the Financial Aid Office? Receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer is considered
a financial resource.
Regulations require our Office to acquire this documentation and include in your award package. What does NOT fall under financial aid? The most common of these are:
Your bill
Financial aid does not generate your bills or refunds; they are generated from the Student Accounts Office. For questions on billing, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

In-school certification
If you are notified that your loans are in repayment, you may need to provide the lender with in-school certification paperwork. Please contact the Registrar/Student Services Office to help you complete the deferment paperwork. PARATURE What is Parature and how do I access it? ACADEMIC SERVICES
FAQs How can we cover enough material for a four-credit course in just seven weeks? Two educational concepts make the pace of the Accelerated Learning Program possible:
self-directed learning and collaborative learning.

Recent studies in adult learning patterns have shown that the traditional learning model may not be the most effective one for adults. Because adults bring so much experience to the classroom, they tend to be more efficient in their learning. And because they have such varied experiences, much of their learning is immediately applicable. People tend to learn more quickly when they can immediately apply what they have learned. Initial instruction takes place during your individual assignments
Group assignments allow for further examination of concepts learning in initial instruction
Class time incorporates concepts through application and analysis Interaction between a group of students
Learning is active
Team members explain concepts to one another
Stimulating discussions generating insightful and original solutions How much time will I need to allow
for my studies each week? Students will spend four hours each week in class and another four hours in learning team interaction.

Beyond that, you will need to plan for the time it takes to complete your individual assignments.

Depending on the class and your own learning styles, you will need between five and twelve additional hours each week. Who teaches the
Accelerated Learning Program
courses? The faculty represent a unique combination of educational and business experience.

All of our instructors hold the necessary academic qualifications and degrees.

What do they bring to the classroom?
years of experiences in local business
personal knowledge in their field(s) What options are available if I am having trouble keeping up with a class? your learning team will provide supplemental instruction
in groups
peer tutoring
Saturday tutoring sessions
It's ALWAYS available

Who do I contact for tutoring?
Academic Services
When should I contact for tutoring?
As soon as you need help! The course moves rapidly! ATTENDANCE Attendance at all classes is mandatory! Course Blueprint
a detailed syllabus

individual assignments
team assignments
grading criteria
list of required materials online through Blackboard Amherst campus Rochester campus MEDAILLE TECHNOLOGY
FAQs What is Medaille Technology? Medaille Technology includes the Hardware, Software and websites that are administrated by the college. These include: Classroom Technology, Wireless Access, BbVista, MedailleOne, Medaille Accounts, Computer Labs, Software downloaded and other areas listed on the IT Website. What is NOT
"Medaille Technology? What do I need to do before my first class? All Medaille Students need to pick up their MedailleOne accounts before coming to class.
You can follow the instruction sheet provided to you for assistance in retrieving your accounts. First Steps When will I have access to Medaille Technology? It may take 24-48 hours to process your account information after you have picked up your accounts. Account Set-Up your unified account for access to course registration, grades, email, Blackboard, financial aid, and all other electronic college information
all students have a MedailleOne account Parature is a self-help website that contains answers to many of your frequently-asked financial aid questions. You can also submit a ticket for more specific questions.

Parature can be accessed at: http://onlinesupport.medaille.edu/finaid. We planned for such contingencies as business travel, family emergencies, and illness.

In the event that you do miss a class, you will:
contact your instructor and the administrative office
will be asked to complete a supplemental assignment
Why? A supplemental assignment is to compensate for the missed class time and to demonstrate your understanding of concepts to the instructor.

Because of the nature of the program, absences must be kept to a minimum.

Due to the requirements of financial aid, we designate absences as excused or unexcused.

*Please note:
you will be issued an academic warning after missing two classes
after missing three courses in a row, you will be withdrawn, financially liable, and receive a grade of an "F" What happens if I have to miss a class? How do I find my Medaille username, password, and email account? When you pick up your accounts, you will be assigned a username and a password.

consists of your initials followed by three numbers
never varies
provides access to Blackboard and MedailleOne Your email address aliases will present in two formats.
One will incorporate your username (username@medaille.edu) and look like: jdp@medaille.edu. Your formal alias uses your full name--first, middle initial, and last--and looks like this: John.Q.Public@medaille.edu. Either email address will work.

Use the link: http://accounts.medaille.edu/ to reset your password.

If you have any problems using the link, contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@medaille.edu or (800)292-1582 x 2282 What is my MedailleOne account? What is Blackboard? Blackboard is Medaille's course management software.
Your online course blueprints, including the syllabus, assignments, and documentation can be found at: http://blackboard.medaille.edu.

If you are registered for a course, you should have access to that Blackboard; as soon as one course ends, make sure you log onto your next course.

Contact your instructor if you have any issues. May I receive updated software? As a student at Medaille College, you are eligible to receive free copies of Microsoft Office and antivirus software.

Login to http://it.medaille.edu with your username and password.
Click on the "Software" link

Be sure to check regularly for new available software! How do I access the wireless network? Wi-Fi You will receive information on how to set-up your wireless access for your machine during your first class.

The information can also be found on our website http://it.medaille.edu or contact us for assistance. What if?
I want to meet with Medaille Technology in person?
If I run into an issue, whom do I contact?

Call or Email the Helpdesk first!
(800)292-1582 x 2282 or (716)880-2282

What if I have online or Blackboard issues?
Contact elearning@medaille.edu Contact Information: Helpdesk email: helpdesk@medaille.edu
Helddesk Phone: (800)292-1582 x 2280
MedailleOne: http://one.medaille.edu
Blackboard: http://blackboard.medaille.edu
Wireless: http://it.medaille.edu/wireless.asp
IT Website: http://it.medaille.edu BURSAR What is a bursar?
The word comes from Latin and means "A keeper of the purse."

Colleges use it to refer to the office that handles student accounts. YOUR BILL When am I billed? Students will receive an email notification when they receive a new e-Bill. How do I view my e-Bill? E-Bills can be viewed through your MedailleOne account at:

Login using your username and password. FIRST STEPS Each semester when you log on for the first time, you will need to accept the Medaille Student Financial Agreement.

Please read this form carefully, as it explains the payment policy, withdrawal policy, late fees and collection expenses, and how to receive your 1098T electronically.

The Student Financial Agreement must be accepted to proceed into your account. Without accepting the agreement, you will not be granted access to your class schedule, grades, or student billing information. PAYMENTS MEDAILLE STUDENT FINANCIAL AGREEMENT For Accelerated Learning Program students, payment for each course is due on the first day of class; students who receive employer reimbursement should contact the Student Accounts Office.

A hold will be placed on your account unless other satisfactory payment arrangements – such as financial aid, employer reimbursement, or a payment plan through Tuition Management Systems – have been established.

Please review the Tuition Payment Policy and the refund policy in your student handbook and appendix for details about your financial liability and the refund/liability policy. How can payment be made? Medaille College accepts payment by: check, bank draft, money order, and credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover).

If you use a credit card, payment can be made via your MedailleOne account. Checks should be made payable to Medaille College.

If paying by check, money order, or bank draft please be sure that your name and student ID number are on the check. We cannot post a payment unless we know to which account it should be posted. Where should payment be made? Payment can be made via your MedailleOne account with a credit card at the same website where you view your e-Bill.

Mail checks or money orders directly to:
Medaille College Student Accounts Office OR
30 Wilson Road
Williamsville, NY 14221

If payment is received more than 30 days from the start of your class, you will be subject to a hold on your account. Medaille College Student Accounts Office
18 Agassiz Circle
Buffalo, NY 14214 HOLD Why do I have a hold? If payment is past due, a hold will be placed on the account. Uh-oh, I have a.... on my account! What does having a hold
prevent me from? being registered for future classes
viewing your grades
receiving books
receiving transcripts (transcripts cannot be released until the balance is paid in full)
acquiring a diploma A+ B Registered: 3 courses

4 credits each

billed for 12 credits = Full-time status You will be billed for the number of credits you are registered for. for financial aid/loan purposes How can
Student Services
help me? Creating your plan. DEGREE COMPLETION PLAN What is a Degree Completion Plan (DCP)? A degree completion plan is a form that outlines how you will meet all the requirements to complete your degree from Medaille College.

Because every student transfers in a unique set of credits, no two degree completion plans are the same.

Depending on your transfer credits, you may need additional credits to meet graduation requirements.

Prior to beginning your academic program, you must review your degree completion plan with a counselor in Student Services to clarify the number of courses and credits you need to complete. What if I have additional requirements
to complete for my degree? Meet with your advisor to discuss the ways to complete
your outstanding requirements. How might my degree completion plan affect my financial aid? Suppose for a moment that you have transferred in all the credits that you need - with one exception. You need three credits in the natural science/general education area.

Let us say that a science course is being offered for a different cohort at your campus and you decide to pick up your extra credits with them.

If you elect this course of action prior to your second year financial aid renewal,
the cost of the science class may be included in your financial aid package.

If you wait until the last minute to register for that course,
you may not have loans or grants to cover the extra course. When should I go over my plan with Student Services? during your first advisement appointment before/at the beginning of your first course halfway through your program if your educational career takes an unexpected turn ADVISEMENT Why do I need advisement? When should I schedule my advisement appointment? Is advisement required? discuss your degree completion plan
create your Educational Goal Plan
review graduation requirements before your first course
during the first or second week of your first course
halfway through your program
if your educational career takes an unexpected turn
whenever you want to stop in or call! YES! Advisement is part of your first homework assignment in your first course! Where do I meet for advisement? Student Services is located on both Amherst and Rochester campuses.

They are open Monday through Friday.

Hours vary by campus; be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Students in on-ground programs must meet for advisement in person.
Students in online programs may meet with Student Services virtually or in person. What courses can I waive? If you have taken a class less than ten years ago that looks as though it covers the same material as one of your scheduled courses and in which you received a grade of C or better, you may be able to waive the class.

Your Student Handbook describes the procedure to apply for a course waiver.

Remember, however, that if you are planning to waive a course, you will need to take a leave of absence while your cohort is taking the course, which will affect your financial aid.
Waiving a course will also affect your degree completion plan; you may be short
credits required to graduate, so review your degree completion plan with Student Services carefully and early. REGISTRATION How do I register for my classes? You are automatically registered for your courses each semester Should you have any questions regarding your registration, contact Student Services How do I view my schedule? Class schedules are accessible through your MedailleOne account which you can access from the home page of the Medaille College website. Once I’m registered, what if I want
to change my schedule? Meet with Student Services for
any changes to your schedule! LOAN
DEFERRMENT I have loans to defer.
How can I get my payments deferred? Bring all necessary deferrment paperwork
to Student Services.

They will verify your registration and help you complete the paperwork. What else can Student Services do for you? Enrollment Verifications
Loan Deferrment Paperwork
Assist with Collaborative Learning Team issues
Process Withdrawals and Leave of Absences Student Services
Contact Information Amherst & Online Fax: 716-631-1380
Rochester Fax: 585-272-0057 Email:
SAGEStudentServices@medaille.edu Amherst campus

Rochester campus Amherst & Online: 716-631-1061
Rochester: 585-270-0030 30 Wilson Rd
Williamsville, NY 14221 1880 South Winton Road, Suite One
Rochester, NY 14618 FAFSA Each year requires a new application. Your financial aid package may involve more than one financial aid year. I filled out a 2011-2012 FAFSA application.
Why do I have to fill out one for 2012-2013? Financial Aid
Contact Information Phone: (716) 932-2610
Toll Free: 1-888-252-2235 Amherst Campus 30 Wilson Road
Williamsville, NY 14221 Fax: (716) 932-2635 SAGEFinAid@medaille.edu COLLABORATIVE
LEARNING TEAMS How are learning teams formed?
Students in on-ground programs will participate in activities in your first course, that allow you to get to know the other members of your cohort.
You will also learn how groups work and what a healthy, functioning group looks like.
You will form your learning teams through these class activities.
Although the instructor will lead and guide you, students in on-ground programs determine the make-up of groups within their cohort.

Students in online programs are assigned to groups by their instructor during the first week. How will I know which team to join? Look for students with similar expectations.

If time demands are a priority, look for people with similar work or family demands.

Often, teams are formed based on geography or whom you sat next to on the first night....listen to potential team members and match your needs to those of your classmates. I'm having trouble with my group,
where can I find support? ALP Guide to Collaborative Learning Teams:
Forming and Maintaining Healthy Groups The manual contains information and exercises to promote success, including team roles, member responsibilities, and techniques for dealing with conflict.

It also includes advice on when and how to involve Student Services to develop and maintain a healthy, functioning group. Study Group vs. Learning Team... What's the difference? There is none!
Both terms are
used interchangeably What does a healthy learning team look like? A healthy team includes people with a variety of skills and knowledge.
Don't be afraid to include those with backgrounds and experiences far different from yours.

Compare your group with a sports team: do you have players for all the positions?
Do you have a computer specialist? A writing ace? A math whiz?

Putting together a team with a variety of strengths will increase your chances of success.

Students in online programs are assigned to groups by their instructor. Why are learning teams so important? Increase
of concepts Analyze
Concepts Exposure &
sharing of
ideas and
experiences Skills
in team settings What other information do I need to know about groups? How many students per group? 3-5 members What if I am part of a small team, and
someone has to leave the program? The remaining members of your team will consider the options available and decide their course together.

If you were on a team of four, you may wish to continue as a group of three.
A group of two may decide to combine with another team or invite another person to join.

Student Services can assist with this.

*Note: groups for online courses change on a course by course basis What if I do not like working in learning teams? Group learning is an integral part of this program, and we require that all students participate.

If you find the adjustment to group learning challenging,
Student Services may be able to help you with counseling and practical advice. Do learning teams ever change? Yes, they do. It is healthy for groups to mix themselves up occasionally.

Potential reasons for change:
Students find that another group is a better match for them
Your work schedule may change so that a weeknight meeting is better than a weekend one.
Student expectations and performance may change, requiring a shift in groups.

You should expect teams to change as students join or leave your cohort.
It is important to remain flexible when approaching group changes and to keep the health of the cohort in mind.

*Note: groups for online courses change on a course by course basis For additional information on Collaborative Learning Teams, look in the
ALP Guide to Collaborative Learning Teams: Forming and Maintaining Healthy Groups.

Questions or concerns? Contact Student Services. If I need to visit any of the campuses, where can I park? Parking requires a sticker which is issued to you by Public Safety.
It is valid on all three Medaille campuses.

Be sure to park only in non-restricted areas. A note of caution: although we are not aware of any security problems on any of our campuses, it is always wise to take precautions. Lock your car before coming to class. Do not leave valuables - especially your laptop - in your car. Class Representatives Campus Hours MORE INFORMATION Photo IDs Public Safety Communication Parking Support Services on-ground and online library resources
the Academic Support Center for tutoring or academic support
the Counseling Office for personal well-being
the Career Planning and Placement Center for career counseling
the Office of Disabilities Services
the Computer Complex
the Multimedia Studio
the recreational facilities, including the gym and work-out equipment on the Buffalo campus. Who is my Class Rep? Your class representative is selected by the cohort early in your program.

coordinate communication with the administration
coordinate communication among your classmates
maintain an up-to-date listing of cohort phone numbers and develop a telephone tree to disseminate information quickly

Other class representative duties are delineated in the Student Handbook. Amherst Campus Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-10:00pm
Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm Rochester Campus Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:30am-10:00pm
Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday 8:30am-12:30pm Check with Public Safety at either Amherst or Rochester campuses. Note: $30.00 replacement fee for lost cards Provides access to Medaille online student resources. To get in touch with a specific administrative office:
call and leave a voicemail
leave a message in the department mailbox at the reception desk

Contact information can be found in the Student Resource Manual. Each on-ground cohort has a mail slot in the student lounge.

Your class representative should be sure to pick up any mail each night of class. Contact information
for instructors
is in your syllabus. Public Safety is available at both Amherst and Rochester campuses.

For any emergencies, to be issued a photo ID, or pick up a parking permit, see Public Safety.

Contact Information:
Amherst: 716-984-1350
Rochester: 585-272-0030, press 0
Buffalo: 716-880-2525 This orientation is for students new to the
Accelerated Learning Program
at Amherst, Rochester, or Online campuses. Welcome to Medaille College! Where can I get a photo ID? Thank you for taking part in this orientation!

Your success here at Medaille College is important to all of us! Good luck! If you have any questions or concerns, contact us! Why are learning teams important? Students in online programs are assigned to groups by their instructor. Medaille Online
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm EST Hours may vary by day & department On-ground Programs Online Programs What support services are available? Communication with Administration Cohort Communication Communication with Instructors How can Public Safety help me? What does the course blueprint include? What is the course blueprint? Where can I find the course blueprint? While the IT office will make every attempt to assist students, the IT department cannot support “Non Medaille Technology”.
This includes:
personal laptop
personal device issues
software downloaded from other sites other then the IT Website
websites other than those located at Medaille.edu
other technology which is not provided or administered by Medaille College’s IT Department. Email Information: First, let's go over: This is the model you will follow in your program!
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