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lisa wiles

on 14 October 2015

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Advertising gambling
Supporting evidence
Campaigning against smoking
Exam Tip: if you are asked to outline only ONE way in which media influences addictive behaviour, choose the first negative influence.
Negative Influence 2
3. Positive Influences
Anti-smoking campaigns on TV warn of dangers & promote ways to quit
Help to shape social values & educate
Need to be well funded, combined with other methods & targetted to specific audiences
1. There is evidence supporting the negative influences of film on addiction to

2. There is evidence supporting the negative influences of advertising on addiction to

3. There is evidence supporting the positive influences of anti-
October, 2015
PSYA4 homework
Providing role models
Cause & effect issues (p18)
Social learning theory
Observation & imitation
Addictive behaviour is often modelled by desirable, attractive role models in film/TV/music industry
And can be shown to have positive outcomes for the models
This is vicariously reinforcing
Motivates observer to imitate the behaviour
Increases addictions in society
Evidence is correlational
Shows a
p between
media exposure
addictive behaviour
(Not that one causes the other)
Other variables not controlled may influence this relationship
To conclude: this reduces the validity of the idea that the media causes addictive behaviour, because it is only one of many contributing factors.
Negative Influence 1
Gambling Act 2005
Normalises gambling
Promotes positive attitudes about gambling through use of humour, celebrity endorsements & prospect of financial incentives
TASK: now complete the task on p15 (explain why people may imitate addictive behaviour) using the word bank. Do not do "activity 5 Q1" until the end of this presentation.
Conclusion Skills
Each piece of evidence "increases the validity of the idea that..." - here you need to state the idea being supported (i.e. which particular type of media it is, and what this is doing to addictive behaviour). If you can, add "by showing that..." as well.
Here is the first one:
"These studies support the validity of the idea that films can increase addictive behaviour, by showing that observing smoking in films is associated with viewers starting to smoke themselves."
TASK: now have a go at the next conclusion on p17 and, if you can, the first one on p18.
Exam Question Practice (p26)
Use your knowledge of research into the role of media in addictive behaviour to explain why films might encourage people to start smoking. (4)
Read the mark scheme underneath before you answer.
Start by outlining the social learning explanation of this influence, using the terms role models, vicarious reinforcement, imitate
Make sure you refer to this particular scenario (films & smoking)
Then outline one of the studies mentioned in the mark scheme in your answer as an illustration

Extension work:
If you are aiming for a B or higher, use the essay on p87-88 of the e-book "AQA(A) A2 Psychology" (use the search bar on the Psychology moodle page, shown above) to find some additional material. This can be an AO1 point, a piece of research or an evaluative comment. You will be expected to include some additional material in the exam question you will do in your next lesson.
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