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A remake of my first prezi.

Shivar Person

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of WWI PREZI

North Carolina
WWI started in 1914 when Serbian Assassins shot and killed the wealthy archduke, Franz Ferdinand, and his wife.
The Central Powers:

Ottoman Empire
Italy (Later on in the War)
The nations that fought in WWI were seperated among two sides; USA began neutral
The Allied Nations:

Great Britain
USA-April 1917
86,000 North Carolinians served
22,104,209 Allied Casualties:
833 NC troops killed in Battle
1,540 died from disease
Central Power Soldier Casualties
NC had two main infantry divisions:
- 30th "Old Hickory"
- 81st "Wildcat"
Both Fought in European Campaigns
The war officially Ended with the Signing of:
The Treaty of Versailles in June 1919
Was to be the "War to End all Wars"
- Sinking of the Lusitania by Germans sparked American interest in 1915
- "Zimmerman Telegram"- Secret message Germany sent Mexico to attack USA
- major fighting was trench warfare
NC had three military training camps:
1. Camp Greene
2. Camp Polk
3. Camp Bragg
War ended Nov. 11, 1918:
Known as Armistice Day
The treaty stated:
Germany must take sole responsibility for the war and pay $32 billion in damages, disband their army, and never invade another country
- This laid the foundations for WWII
Wright Brothers
Chose Kitty Hawk,NC
Began testing on Kill Devil Hills because of wind conditions
Dec. 17, 1903: 1st Flight, 120 ft., 12 sec.
Made 3 more flights that day:
Longest 852 ft.
The good roads state:
- Cars first in NC in 1880s
- by 1920s NC had best roads in the south
- Henry Ford developed mass production with Model-T
Boll Weevil effected cotton, as did:
Strikes in Textile factories
Overproduction became a leading factor in all industries prior to the depression
Fundamentalists vs. Evolutionists
John Scopes put on trial in 1925 for teaching evolution
He was charged and forced to pay $100
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