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Treaty of Versailles

Nicole Carey US History Period 6

Nicole Carey

on 27 October 2009

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Transcript of Treaty of Versailles

the war was officially over on July 2nd, 1921 Treaty of Versailles
The Paris Peace Conference was held on January 4th, 1919. Wilson's 14 Points For Peace

focused on causes of the war
ended secret alliances
free trade and freedom of seas
reduced military sizes
dealt with self- determination
allowed people to choose how
and who would rule them
League of Nations
organization of nations where
they disscussed differences, not fought
about them Representatives of the League of Nations Representatives of the League of Nations President Wilson Irreconciables didn't want to join the League of Nations because it would weaken American Independence FRANCE
UNITED STATES president Wilson wanted the treaty passed,
but he was beaten three times THE BIG FOUR
4 The treaty was signed June 28th, 1919 The peace treaty was eventually changed
to the treaty of versailles because the treaty
was signed in versailles, paris- the former
homes of french kings
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