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Project Management

No description

Tyler Cales

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Project Management

Project Management
Venture Scouts
Execution Phase

Execution Phase
What is the executing phase?
What is involved in the executing phase?
Who leads this phase?

The Executing Phase is the "working" portion of any project
The Executing Phase would require you to have a Activity plan for a few reasons:
Some of these reasons are
Tasks could be overlooked
Such as do we have adult leaders
Do we have drivers
Tasks that were initially overlooked
Did we think about food items and pack them all prior to the event.
Time to complete a task was underestimated
Did we allow enough time to get it done. Time is our only asset.
A team member(s) are no longer able to help.
Did we over commit or under deliver what we said we would do.
Over the course of the project planning
The project plan (Activity) may be changed continuously to accommodate for changes to problems that arise.
The Execution phase is led by the
Activity Chair
. The
Activity Chair
would direct, manage, track work to help solve those problems in multiple ways like arranging meetings to adjust the project plan and more
Execution of a Good Plan
Will always have a backup plan as well
Executing any project takes a bit of
to be successful.
Initiating Phase
Venture Speak:

What do we want to do
Rock Climb
Planning Phase
Venture Speak

Activity Chair in Charge
Activity Team
Adults Involved
Venture Speak

Making it Happen
Following Through

The Topic of Today's Discussion
Closing and Success
Future Discussion

Venture Speak -
We are having FUN when this happens!
Project Managment
In Venture speak - planning an activity, planning a meeting.
In School speak: That 10 page paper that is due in 4 weeks.
Venture Speak

Reviewing all aspects of the event for success. Addressing any concerns or final challenges.
The Vice President of Program and the Activity Chair work closely together along with the Activity TEAM.
In School speak- Research and Rough Draft

Two Take Away
Plan your work and work your plan
Did you fail to plan or plan to fail
Activity Chair and VP of Program should:
details in a timely manner to all involved.
Be consistent with all communication to avoid confusion.
Use established Venture planning guidelines
Thank you
Tyler Cales................

Other members would include:

Activity Team

VP of Program (support role)
VP of Admin (support role)
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