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Asthma Training

Training Presentation for staff at Hancock 2012-13

Kay Lee

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Asthma Training

Side B
Common symptoms:
Constant/frequent cough
Difficulty breathing (SOB)
Tight chest/chest pain
Breathing fast
Wheezing (whistling/rattling)
Tobacco Smoke/perfume
Cold air
Strong emotions (anxiety)
Chalk dust/dust
Animal fur
Asthma Medication:
What to do?
Remain calm and reassure the child.
Don't leave the child.
Call the School Nurse or office staff by sending a student to the office.
Have student sit up and breathe slowly:
1) In through the nose
2) Out through pursed lips
Do not attempt to move the child until the School Nurse has assessed the student.
Student SHOULD NOT be left alone.
Students with asthma are under good control.

They should be able to participate in school, exercise and sports.
Remember & insist students get medication before gym/recess.
Reduce asthma triggers in class.
Absences not excused for uncontrolled asthma management.
Side A
Management of students
Reduce airway swelling
over time
relieve acute asthma system

Rescue medication
Relax muscles in the airways temporarily to help relieve asthma symptoms
Asthma Emergency
Trouble talking or walking.
Medication not working.
Lips and nail beds are blue or grayish color.
Worried if they will make it through the next 20 minutes.
Asthma Demonstration:
1) Pinch your nose.
2) Take straw in put it in your mouth.
3) Jump up and down four times.
What is Asthma?
Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus.
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