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Rosa Parks Powerpoint

language arts work

Zada Lobato

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Rosa Parks Powerpoint

Rosa Parks Rosa Parks Zada Lobato Core 4 Early Life Born February 4 1913
James McCauley and Leona Edwards
Attend school at age 11
Was selected to the school of laboratory
Drop out to help her grandmother Segregation Laws Many blacks were treated wrong
Whites and blacks were separated
Rosa was one of the few who was mistreated
1943 Rosa joins National Association for the Advancement of colored people (NAACP) The bus ride Blacks and Whites were separated
After a hard day at work Rosa took a seat in her section
Soon the white section was full and not enough room for all the whites
So they chose to take the blacks seat
But not Rosa's The Arrest Refuse to get off the bus Community Reaction Many black people did not ride the bus Success! 381 days off not riding bus really paid off Rosa's Death Died October 24 2005 Stand up for whats Right! Went to the police station Had to pay 14 dollars from not following the law Looked up to Rosa as a hero Many whites did still obey this law No more segregation laws Was a hero to blacks around the country Sick with dementia Casket placed at the state of capitol Cited Souces Anorosa,Cynthia and Noyed.B,Robert .Rosa Parks.Minnesot:The child's World,2010. Kishel,Ann-Marie.Rosa Parks a life of Courage.Minneapolis:Lerner Publication Company,2006. Thesis Statement Know for ending Segregation laws The woman who stood for there freedom Academy of Achievement.(Sep/20/2010)A Museum of Living History.4/17/13.<http://achievement.org/autodoc/page/par0int-1> Rosa Parks Facts.Com(Nov/5/2011).4/17/13.<http://www.savenkeep.com/rosa-parks-facts-com/?from=p1p>
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