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Fayol's principles of managment

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mitali kotak

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Fayol's principles of managment

Fayol's principles of managment
Fayol's Principles
Division of Work
Unity of Command
Unity of Direction
Subordination of Individual
Scalar Chain
Stability of Tenure of Personnel
Esprit de Corps
Introduction of Burger King
: Public
: Restaurant
: Fast Food Chain
:1953, Florida

Me and my friend visited the Karama Branch of Burger King.
They follow fayol's principles in their own way.
Branches in dubai are very successful using these principles.
They get good results after following the principles.

Henri Fayol was real father of modern Management. Henri Fayol is the French industrialist in 1841-1925. He was a mining engineer in. Henri Fayol spent his entire working career in French industry; French cool and iron combine of commentary fourchambault. Henri Fayol developed a general theory of Business Administration.

Henri Fayol was concerned the principles of organization and the function of management. Fayol laid the foundation of management as a separate body of knowledge. He always insisted that if scientific forecasting and proper methods are used in management than company can get satisfactory results. According to Fayol, management was not personal talent; it is a knowledge base skill.
Principles of management of burger king
Division of work
At Burger king, Specialization is the key elements of their organizational structure.

Work is divided according to capabilities.

The Managers make sure that the workers are allotted according to each ones specializations.
Unity Of Command
There are shifts for every employee of BK, applies for the manager as well.

BK has 3 managers in each branch at different times and each have different team of workers to guide.
When i asked the staff individually , they are very satisfied by their pay.

The Money is paid according to the work.

Employees are paid according to their hard work and according to the way they want to get paid in.
BK follow equity in every form right form.

There is no gender or religious discrimination.
BK Makes sure that the environment of the restaurant is clean and safe.

They educate the workers on the importance of cleanliness and the safety precautions to be taken at work.

They have individual checks on every employees progress.
Stability Of personnel
BK has a stable personnel.

They have less turnover ratio as the incentives provided by BK are wide and they keep increasing as performance level increases.
Esprit De Corps
They have various measures to keep healthy competition.

But they are not very successful as the number of staff is very high, but the branch manager of karama is pretty successful compared to other branches.
Unity of Direction
All the employees are clear about their common BK goal.

This goal is to bring consumer satisfaction.

And every branch manager has their own method to reach this goal.
There is a common rules and regulations book for every BK employee.

If any rule is violated strict actions are taken.
Subordination of individual interest to general interest
BK gives more importance to the general interest of the firm than individual interest of the employees.

But they are not completely ignored as well, they are either partially or fully satisfied at times.
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