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Difference between DSP processor and microprocessor

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sanket nawle

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Difference between DSP processor and microprocessor

Difference between DSP processor and microprocessor
Instruction execution
In a DSP processor, we have parallel execution of instructions
Operand fetch
In DSP processor, multiple operands are fetched simultaneously
In DSP processors, we have separate data and program memory
Program flow control
In DSP processor, program sequence and instruction register takes care of program flow
Queing pipelining
In DSP processors, Queing is implicate through instruction register and instruction cache
Instruction cycle
In a DSP processor, instructions are executed in a single clock cycle
In a microprocessor, instructions are executed in multiple clock cycles
In microprocessor, we have serial execution of instructions
In microprocessors, operands are fetched sequentially
In microprocessors, we do not have any separate memory
In microprocessors, the program counter takes care of the flow of execution
In microprocessors, Queing is performed explicate by one que register for pipelining of instructions
Address generation
In DSP processor, addresses are generated combinely by DAG's and programs sequencer
Address/Data multiplexing
In DSP processors, address and data bus are not multiplexed. They are separated on chip as well as off chip
Computation unit
In DSP processors, computation is done by ALU, MAC, shifter
DSP processors are most suitable for array processing
In microprocessors, program counter is incremented sequentially to generate address
In microprocessors, address/data bus may be separate on chip but are multiplexed off chip
In microprocessors, there is only one main unit for computation, i.e., ALU
Microprocessors are most suitable for general purpose processing
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