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Low HDI country - Ethiopia.

Ethiopian culture and speculation as to why theu have a low Human Development Report.

Allie Bakotich

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Low HDI country - Ethiopia.

Double click anywhere & add an idea Low HDI Country - Ethiopia. By Allie Bakotich
Period Six Human Poverty in Ethiopia. There are many reasons why the Human Poverty Index is at 50.9 for Ethiopia. Their expectation of living until age 40 is only 27.7%. This is because of all the diseases that run through the country, attacking people to the point where they can't fight back and their lack of food which weakens their immune systems and their bodies, causing them to be more suceptible to those diseases. Women Capabilities in Ethiopia. The gender-related development index in Ethiopia is at 0.403 because of the inequality of women in the country. Women were always considered being below men back in the beginning of civilizations so they are seen in a different light. Women got the short end of the stick and had to live with it. For Ethiopian women, they don't have a choice. They aren't allowed to learn how to read or get a formal education or to have a job because it is prohibited to them. Migration in Ethiopia. Migration rate for Ethiopians is at .4% because they weren't expected to live. Because of their poor life-expectancy rate and their malnurishment, they couldn't make it far enough to another place or country to migrate. Only those that get by with just enought food and water could possibly migrate to another country and make it there safely.
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