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The Motive of Depravity

Romans 1:18

Stephen Johns

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of The Motive of Depravity

The Motive of Depravity
Romans 3:18
The dominion of sin is the defining attribute of the desires, decisions, and disposition of the lost toward God and others.
When no Fear of God . . . Meets God
The Stage
John 12:23-28
The Audience Throws Tomatoes
John 12:37-41
The Dullness of the Philistines
John 12:42-43
Understanding the Fear of God
It is a loving reverence for the character of God and it is a deep and profound respect of the authority of God.
The Irreverence of Depravity
Reverence is the deep and profound worship that is naturally borne of an awareness of something much greater than us.
Grasping Reverence from Irreverence
Irreverence from the Pagans and the Irreligious
The Irreverence of the Child of God
Reclaiming Reverence
Come from Death to Life
Be Renewed in Awe
'set your affections on things above' Colossians 3

'draw near to God that He might draw near to you' James 4

'set your mind and heart to seek the Lord' 1 Chronicles 22.
Richard Baxter
"The knowledge of God and the remembrance of His all seeing presence, are the most powerful weapons against hypocrisy"
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