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13 Reasons Why

No description

nicole jimenez

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of 13 Reasons Why

TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY 13 Reasons Why is a ..... Suspense and mystery story Which lot of people love to read on their own time The novel was a very compelling, interesting and suspenseful story. it has wonderful words for a horrible topic. Biography Jay Asher Except for six months in Wyoming, he lived his entire life in California. It was during those six months in Sheridan, Wyoming that he came up with the idea for Thirteen Reasons Why. He worked at an independent bookstore, a chain bookstore, an outlet bookstore, and two public libraries. now 2 the summery Written by : Jay Asher Prezi done by : Nicole Jimenez now to the summary ! THE NOVEL ITS SELF Important themes! Before those jobs, he worked at a shoe store, a trophy shop, and an airline. He grew up in a family that encouraged all of his interests, from playing the guitar to his writing. He attended Cuesta College right after graduating from high school. It was here where he wrote his first two children’s books for a class called Children’s Literature Appreciation. (1) Justin Foley, Hannah's first kiss, started rumors that they did more than just kiss. (2) Alex Standall put Hannah on a stupid list as "Best Ass of the Freshman Class." (3) Jessica Davis was upset by this and ended up hitting Hannah, leaving a scar on her forehead. Summary (4) Tyler Down took pictures of Hannah through her window. (5) Courtney Crimson, a super fake girl at school, started rumors that Hannah had sex toys in her bedroom. (6)Marcus After getting matched up with Hannah through a Valentine's Day survey, Marcus tried to make a move on her in a booth at Rosie's Diner. (10) Justin Foley, is back on the tapes. Justin allowed Bryce Walker to have sex with Jessica while she was unconscious.
(11) After a party, Jenny Kurtz offered Hannah a ride home, but knocked down a stop sign with her car. Jenny refused to report the incident, soon enough, there was an accident at the stop sign.
(12) One night, Bryce Walker started to touch Hannah in a hot-tub, and Hannah let Bryce, who she hated, have sex with her.
(13) lastly, Hannah went to her counselor for help with her depression Mr. Porter, didn't take her seriously when she said she was suicidal, and he let her leave his office without getting her any help.He was the last person who could have helped her and he didn't do a thing. Okay so the best way to tell the summary of this book is to tell a little about each of the 13 reasons why aka the cassette tapes. Themes Death: I think death is a major theme because the whole story revolves around a girl who committed suicide. so death plays a huge role in the book. Guilt: Hannah makes these tapes so that after she is gone all these people who made her list of being a reason why, would feel very guilty. Before the tapes nobody really had a guilty conscious like they did after hearing the tapes. Without clay feeling guilty about Hannah death, he wouldn't have grown up the little bit he needed to save a life of a suicidal girl at the end. Betrayal: Hannah feels very betrayed by everyone before she dies. Her parents, friends and teachers betray her which makes her loose it and betray herself by giving herself up to a guy she hates. I would recommend this book because.. This book has a great moral. While Thirteen Reasons Why never comes off as preachy, there are definitely lessons to be learned from it. As Hannah tells all the ways in which people wronged her, it becomes clear how deeply words, can wound a person. Asher's message gets through loud and clear: Be careful with other people's feelings. Main Characters There are only 2 main characters 1) Clay Jensen: The narrator and guide through the frightening world of Hannah Baker's last hours. Much of the action in this story takes place in Clay's head, which means we have some pretty good insight into his characters thoughts. 2) Hannah Baker: We read her last words, recorded on seven cassette tapes the night before her suicide. Even though she makes us uncomfortable, we can't help but feel for her, especially once we've heard all she has to say. minor characters Tony: Clay’s friend. He is the first one to know about Hannah’s tapes, he actually helped her with the tapes by lending her his recorder, not knowing what for. Hannah’s second set of tapes are entrusted to him Justin Foley: The first and tenth person on Hannah’s list, he is on the list twice because of how much negative impact he put on Hannah’s life. Justin is good-looking, a popular guy at school. He was Hannah’s first kiss, the one who started the snowball effect which led to Hannah’s suicide. He started rumors that gave Hannah a bad reputation. Alex Standall: The second person on Hannah’s list. Alex is a cruel and sneaky guy. He was one of Hannah’s first friends when she was new to town. He made a list of voting for “Who’s Hot / Who’s Not” in Hannah’s class, which led their friendship to an end, also caused Jessica to hate Hannah, and reinforced Hannah’s bad reputation. Jessica Davis: The third person on Hannah’s list. Jessica is pretty, but she was jealous of Hannah for beating her in the “Who’s Hot / Who’s Not” list, and blamed Hannah for why Alex dumped her. On the night of the party, Jessica was with Justin looking like a couple while Hannah ignored them. After she was drunk, Bryce came in and raped her, neither Hannah or Justin stopped him. Tyler Down: The fourth person on Hannah’s list. Tyler is short, and he is shy. He is the photographer of the school yearbook. He hurt Hannah by taking away her sense of security. He peeked into Hannah’s bedroom window and took pictures of her. Courtney Crimson: The fifth person on Hannah’s list. Courtney is very pretty, she is a perfect girl in many people’s eyes, but it turns out that she was only acting this way trying to make good impressions on people. She repeatedly befriended and ditched Hannah, also started rumors that made Hannah’s reputation worse. Marcus Cooley: The sixth person on Hannah’s list. Marcus has a tough-looking face, he’s tall, and he is a carelessly easy-going and funny guy,, but he hurt Hannah’s feelings because he was so careless. He invited her on a date, came in very late, then harassed Hannah by forcefully touching her body, Zach Dempsey: The seventh person on Hannah’s list. Zach is a childish guy. He is Justin’s friend, they were walking together on Hannah’s lawn when she first saw Justin. After Hannah ignored him at Rosie’s Diner, Zach got revenge on her by stealing and throwing away all of Hannah’s notes in the Brown Paper Bag Program, what she desperately needed to get comfort and gain confidence. Ryan Shaver: Ryan hurt Hannah by stealing her poem and exposed it to the entire student body,. The poem was anonymous, everyone was discussing it even as a class, what hurt Hannah the most was that people got the meaning of her poem entirely wrong. Jenny Kurtz: On the party night, Jenny offered to give Hannah a ride home, she drank at the party which caused her to knock over a Stop sign with her car, when Hannah tried to convince her to report the police, she yelled at Hannah and forced her to leave. The missing Stop sign later caused a fatal accident, Jenny fixed her car quickly and acted as if nothing had happened. Bryce Walker: The twelfth person on Hannah’s list. Bryce is average-looking, but he is a horrible playboy and a pervert. Mr.Porter: The thirteenth person on Hannah’s list. Mr.Porter is the school counselor and English teacher of Hannah’s class. He was contributed in Hannah’s suicide because when Hannah came to his office for a talk, he didn’t seem very interested or understanding her situation, that disappointed Hannah and she gave up on her hopes, eventually committed suicide. conflict According to Hannah, the people on her tapes are to blame for her suicide. Clay is obviously on the tapes, but he can't see why. He's compelled to listen to find out, but the idea ties his brain in knots. This conflict stays with him through the entire book, and will probably stay with him for the rest of his life. conclusion The conclusion of this book is really moving. Clay has been deeply affected by Hannah's tapes and he takes some action. He puts aside fears about his reputation and reaches out to Skye Miller, potentially saving another young girl from Hannah's fate. We can't know for sure how this turns out, but it's a satisfying conclusion that makes us feel like Hannah's death was not in vain. THE END Was this book good or bad? I would have to say this book is good. It does a good job at being entertaining. It is suspenseful. The things that happen to these kids is actually stuff kids in high school can relate to.
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