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A Long Walk To Water

No description

Macey Miller

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water

My favorite part of this book is when Salva and Nya meet each other at the end of the book.
When Nya had found out that her father and the men were making a school she must have felt grateful and happy.
Salva was waiting for weeks to hear his name called in the list of people who would go to America. One day Salva's friend said, your name is on the list. It was! Salva got to go to New York!
Salva is a young boy that lived in a village that was invaded by Sudanese civil war. He had to walk two years to reach his family and home .
Nya is a young girl that lived in the Southern Sudan. Nya has one sibling, Akeer and her mom and dad. The nearest water hole from her village is four hours away. She has to support her family by walking half a day to get water every two days.
Have you ever felt alone, sad and thirsty? Well Nya and Salva have. They walk at least half a day to get water.
A Long Walk To Water
I chose this book because I wanted to know what the Sudan kids had to go through in their lives.
The schoolhouse in Salva's village.
The water hole in Nya's village.
By:Macey Miller :)
The lost boys of the Sudan
The lost boys of the Sudan are boys that have been lost and misplaced when the war came to their village and Salva was one of them.
Nya and her sister
Nya and her sister Akeer have a very special relationship. Every once in awhile Nya goes to the water hole with her sister to teach her where to go and how to hold the water bucket.
New York here I come
When Salva was at the airport getting ready for his flight to New York strangers came up to him and started giving him heavy clothes because it was cold in New York. When he got on the plane he was so excited. Salva had to take three planes to get to New York. When he finally arrived he saw his new family.
Two stories of two young people living in Sudan.
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