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Functions of Dialogue

No description

Brianna Gibson

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Functions of Dialogue

5-1.5 Interpret the effect of the author’s craft (for example,
dialogue) on the meaning of literary texts. Dialogue 1. Reveals Character:
Functions of Dialogue 2. Gives necessary information: Functions of Dialogue 3. Moves the plot along: Functions of Dialogue 4. Can show what one character thinks of another character: Functions of Dialogue 5. Can reveal conflict and build tension: Functions of Dialogue 6. Can show how someone feels: Functions of Dialogue "Show the little runt around the mansion," said Mr. Grisly, "and then feed him to the piranhas." Summarize what the above dialogue reveals about Mr. Grisly's character. Can you think of an example from your book of where the dialogue reveals something about your character? "That’s my cat," Missy told the fireman. "She’s been missing for days. Her name is Patches." Explain what necessary information is given in the above dialogue. Locate dialogue in your book that gives necessary information to the reader. "I’m going to the store, and when I come back you’d better have your homework done," said Mom. How does the above dialogue move the plot along? 'We should never have let the Fury come to dinner,' she said. 'Some people and their determination to get ahead. What does the above dialogue indicate about Mother's feelings towards the Fury? Explain what you think she means by peoples' determination to get ahead. Who could she be referring to? "And I know it is the custom to pay one's respects by looking your loved one in the face. It seems odd to me that you have closed this coffin up so tightly." Before analyzing how tension is built with the above dialogue, who can explain background information for the passage from "Number the Stars"? "Jews are not Germans," says Hugo, his temper flaring. "They are foreigners. Germany is for Germans. As for the others, we can't tolerate defeatists. They should be arrested. We must have a united front during war."

-page 79 The Boy Who Dared Based on the above dialogue, explain what Hugo's feelings are towards Jews and people who sympathize with Jews.
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