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Copy of Copy of copyreading and headline writing lecture


Jaybee Bermudez

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of copyreading and headline writing lecture


MAY 02-05, 2012

-composed of three lines; writer, date and nature of the story ( 2-3 words)

Headline – right side, encircled
Lead and body – left side, boxed
Flush left
Inverted pyramid
Headline styles
Down style
Cap and lower case
Presents the gist of the content
Gives the summary of the news
Based on the lead
Structure of Headlines
Possible font types which can be used in news headline:
Impact Garamond

Verdana Georgia

Tahoma Bookman Old Style

Book Antiqua Bodoni Bold

Helvetica Arial
2 – 24 – Tahoma bold – 35 uc
2 downstyle

Body schedule

11 pts.
TNR bold - lead
23 ems

11 pts.
TNR normal or light - body
11 ems
Sir Haballa

2 -30-BB (fl)
2 downstyle
2 – number of columns
30 – font size
BB – font family
Fl - type of headline according to structure
2 – number of lines
ds – type of headline according to style
Benilda Villenas

3 – 18 – Bb – 1

3 – number of lines
18 – font size
Bb – font family
1 – number of column
Ds,fl – types of headline
Panuto: gamit ang mga pananda, iwasto ang sipi ng balita at lagyan ng ulo na may 2 linya sa 1 kolum na may kaukulang bilang na 26 na yunit. Isulat ang panuto para sa printer.
Panuto: Gamit ang tamang pananda, iwasto ang balita. Isulat ang ulo sa isang linya na may bilang na 26.5 units. Gayundin, isulat ang panuto para sa printer ayon sa akmang tipo at laki.
Panuto: Batay sa iniwastong sipi, sumulat ng ulo (gamitin ang SPECS o headline schedule sa ibaba. Isulat ang bilang ng yunit sa bawat hanay. 2/24/2 (max.24 unit counts) Rom/downstyle/flushleft
Directions: Write a headline in the short article given below. Count it and write the printer’s directions. The headline should run in two columns and should not be more than 40 points.

Directions: Copyread the following article and write a two line head in 24 unit counts. Indicate the printer’s direction.

Sample Exercises
Directions: 1. Copyedit the news article
2. Kill unnecessary paragraph (s)
3. Sequence the paragraph
4. Word count instead of unit count

English – 2 columns, Book Antiqua B, 24 font size
Subhead – 16, Book Antiqua, italics

Filipino – 2 columns, Book Antiqua B, 20 font size
Subhead – 16, Book Antiqua, italics

5th Place in NSPC

Lawmaker slams DoF’s tax bill


2 – 24 Book Antiqua B (28 uc) w/s 16 – Book Antiqua Italics
Downstyle, crossline

DoF to expect lesser support from congressman
“Stars maybe born but CHAMPIONS are made and its nearly a long, difficult process that people care to go through. That’s what make them champions.”

Each headline is built on a specified plan usually indicated by a headline schedule.

No headline should be considered finished unless the number of units in its major lines exactly matches the number allowed by the schedule.
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