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Meghan Battest

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Project Overview Explain differences in genre between countries
Discuss how genre theorists would explain these differences
Examine the implications of genre usage as related to each country's culture Meghan Battest My Research Conducted interviews
Course Catalogs
Genre Theorist Articles
Other Online Sources
in Genre
Countries Genre
Theorists Culture
and How It
to Genre Uruguay: Universidad Católica del Uruguay Communication degree
Most writing directly related to careers (Journalism and Organizational Comm) Becca Sandland Studied in Spain at the University of Burgos 1. Good writing skills expected

2. Papers: same amount, non-creative
(reaction papers, commentaries, research)

Writing skills can set you apart for a job in the U.S., but in Spain "writing skills are a presumed prerequisite." Morocco: Al
Akhawayn University English Composition: only covers reflecting, reacting, explaining, and arguing
Academic essays
Classes pertaining to certain degrees Kelly Williams Studied in Morocco at Al Akhawayn University 1. Papers: longer, focused on research

"Cannot get into English writing classes as a study abroad student because they focus on grammar and sentence structure, not style." Japan: Chukyo
University Communication classes focused solely on "academic writing"
Genres used: process analysis, comparison, cause-effect, argumentative, narrative Nako Ando Exchange student originally from Japan 1. Papers: surprised at amount she received here

2. Primarily wrote opinion and reaction papers, as well as research

"I think the universities in the United States focus more on how they can impress the readers than Japanese ones." Berkenkotter and Huckin Carolyn Miller Amy Devitt Being a student requires us to know which situation requires which genre

Why does the United States focus on perfecting multiple genres and knowing how to write creatively? Initially looked at economy

Concluded that genre usage relates to culture Conclusion United States: NDSU Genre varies greatly
Students expected to be proficient writers in multiple genres
English 110, 120, 275
Specific courses for professions
Writing in: technical professions, sciences, health professions, design professions, humanities, & social sciences Creative Writing One of the only countries that offer degrees involving "creative writing" Genre Knowledge in Disciplinary Communication Genre as Social Action Generalizing About Genre "Our knowledge of genres is derived from and embedded in our participation in the communicative activities of daily and professional life. As such, genre knowledge is a form of 'situated cognition' that continues to develop as we participate in the activities of the ambient culture." "We learn to understand better the situations in which we find ourselves and the potentials for failure and success in acting together. As a recurrent, significant action, a genre embodies an aspect of cultural rationality... for the student, genres serve as keys to understanding how to participate in the actions of a community." "Genres develop, then, because they respond appropriately to situations that writers encounter repeatedly... I would suggest that our construction of genre is what helps us to construct a situation. Genre not only responds to but also constructs recurring situation."
U.S. and Similar Countries
(e.g. the U.K. and Australia) Japan, Morocco, Uruguay and Similar Countries
(Asian, European, & South American countries) Thrive on advertising and marketing our ideas
Genre usage is a reflection of this
Focus on persuasive essays and creative writing more
SUCCESS=Having the ability to sell yourself Focus on enhancing research and business sectors
Research and analysis papers
SUCCESS=invent and report on inventions--they are all business. The End.
Any Questions? Writing Genres in the United States
Writing Genres While Studying Abroad
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