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The new buzz network tweaked specifically for college students.

Jenn Boccella

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of MOVEisu

MOVEisu Product Location Organizational
Structure Staff Motivation Finances Marketing Highly evolved blog for college students News relevant to ISU students; what your friends are talking about
Campus Fashions
People Watching
Useless Media
Bowl Movements
Move Your Mouth
BUZZ video interviews MOVE of the WEEK 4613 Clemens Blvd Desks, Computers,Large TV
Conference Room Social Room Pre-Bureaucratic Style Centralized
Serves entrepreneurial
businesses Qualifications include: a four-year degree, 2-years journalism/advertising experience, and training in layout/design. Overall, “We want people who are good and good at what they do.” Zach Gilbert, Social Media Expert

Jenn Boccella, Web Design & Relationship Journalist

Brittany Anderson, PR & Fashion/Career Journalist

Kelsey Ford, Financial Director & Agricultural Journalist

Kevin Maurer, Web Moderator &
Sports Journalist Encouragement,
Encouragement! Getting Started:
Mac Books
Office Furniture
Total: $10,860 Financial Rescources
Personal Investment
Small Business Loan
Total:$11,000 Assets
Office Equipment
Accounts Receivable (advertising)
Total:$12,974 Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Notes Payable
Income Tax Payable
Total:$2,700 Variety Facebook
Twitter RADIO Treasure Hunt Building
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