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Y9 food presentation Spanish

Spanish food KS£

Rachel Smith

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Y9 food presentation Spanish

Las verduras
los huevos
la carne
el pollo
el pescado
La ensalada
La fruta
La tarta
Las patatas
el helado
las verduras
la fruta
los huevos
la ensalada
la carne
el pollo
el pescado
Las patatas fritas
Fill in the missing letters
and translate into English
1. M_ g_st_ m_ch_ _ l p_ll_
2. _d_ _ _l h_l_d_
3. N_ m_ g_st_ _l p_sc_d_
4. D_t_st_ l_ c_rn_
5. M_ g_st_n l_s p_t_t_s fr_t_s
6. M_ _nc_nt_ l_ fr_t_
7. N_ m_ g_st_n l_s v_rd_r_s
8. _d_ _ l_s h_ _v_s
1. Me gusta mucho el pollo
2. Odio el helado
3. No me gusta el pescado
4. Detesto la carne
5. Me gustan las patatas fritas
6. Me encanta la fruta
7. No me gustan las verduras
8. Odio los huevos
Copy this list into your books. Listen to the song
Put a tick next to each word when you hear it

Ice cream
Listen again. Try to write down the words
in Spanish that were not in your list

If the headtecher came into the classroom
now how would you explain to him what you had learnt today?
Me gusta el heldao
Me gustan las verduras
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