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rachel aspegren

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Nanotechnology

what is nanotechnology?
A branch of technology that deals with dimensions less than 100 nanometers.
How do you become a nanotechnologist?
To become a nanotechnologist you must have a bachelors degree in either nanotechnology, nano scale engineering, or nano science.
The invention of nanotechnology
Nanotechnology was first introduced in 1959 by Richard Feynman. In 1981 Eric Drexler turned Richard Feynman's visions into functions by creating the field of nanotechnology.
What do nanotechnologist do?
Nanotechnologist enigneer and work with organic and inorganic materials less than 100 nanometers small.
Nanotechnology is not just about the size of looking at very small things but the structure or the way things are put together or assembled. It is the ability to work, observe, and build at the atomic level.
Nanotechnolgy produces materials that show physically changed chemical, and physical properties about size and structure. when a substance consists of only a few hundred atoms, the laws of physics influence changes in its mechanical, and electronic properties.
What is the future of nanotechnology?
For nanoelectrons and computer technology they are hoping to allow construction of smaller circuits and computers, smaller circuits will run faster allowing greater computer speeds.
For health care and medicine doctors think nanotechnolgy could be used to build artificial muscle and cure cancer.
New inventions are possible with nano size structures, even working with single atoms, But there might be some unknown problems, for example some materials could be harmful or toxic to the eviroment. Some groups even argue about the safetys of nanotechnology.
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