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on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of PRISONER B-3087


BY: Alan Gratz
Sivirian B. hr.7

Theme: Surviving takes perseverence.
irony: The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
"It was the Judenrat Policeman. Holtzman or Finkelstein or whatever his name was. His head been smashed with a shovel, and the rest of his body was gashed and torn and bleeding"(Gratz 103).
foreshadowing: Something you can tell whats going to happen in the future.
"Fred was sick, there was no doubt about it. But you couldn't work. There was a camp clinic but no one wanted to go there. People didn't come back from the camp clinic"(Gratz 160).
Author's effect
The author created surprise in the story by using foreshadow because why would you have a camp clinic form the prisoners even though its a camp meant for work or death.
In the beginning, Yanek was a little boy with a happy life...until the Nazis came and occupied Krakow, Poland. The Nazis came and took his family away and him to concentration camps to work or die. He's been through so much emotional, suspense, and horrific events in each of the 10 camps he's been through.

In the middle, All day he looks death in the eye and survives each Nazi torture they put him into. He's been through many camps and survived it all. With brutal torture heavy and tiring work.

In the end, Hes been through many camps and is determined to keep surviving until the Allies liberated the Nazis and tried to meet that goal. That he swore.
How events shaped the theme
The events that shaped the theme is by when each time he survives a concentration camp he feels like he needs to keep going. When Uncle Moshe says its just him and Yanek left in their family. Yanek is determined to keep surviving. He's been surviving many camps and has to survive until the Allies liberated them.
This is an example of irony because a Jew killed one of his own kind instead of the Nazis. Its more like a Jew killing a Jew during a time of the Holocaust.
This is an example of foreshadowing because when Fred (Yankek's friend) couldn't get off his bed a Kapo came and started yelling and beating him to have him get up then after Fred couldn't get back up for roll call the Nazis came and killed Fred.
"I had survived the Ghetto. I had survived Plaszow and Wieliczka, and Trezebinia, and Birkenau, and now Aushwitz. I was going to survive it all. I was going to be alive when the Allies liberated us. This I swore"(Gratz 168).
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