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How to Create Your Transmedia Project

No description

Susan Bell

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of How to Create Your Transmedia Project

How To Create your Transmedia Project Who am I? Susan Bell Case Studies What is Transmedia? Documentary Film + Interactive Site + Live Event Fan Reaction + TV Show + Blog Music Video + Interactive Site + Childhood Memories Hollywood Movie + Backstory Site + ARG + TED talk Web Series + Character Sites + Games Mobile Game + Geolocation Live Experiences + Street Media + Sites + Personal Interaction Novel + Physical Objects + Sites + Voicemail Alternate Reality Games Social Issue + Interactive Site + Animation Premise Theme Scope Execution What's your project about? Have a beginning, middle & end! What's the moral of the story? Why would they want to "live"
in your world? Is the storyworld large enough for multiple platforms? Leave room for audience contribution.
(This is the fun part!) Aim for 3 platforms How will you find your audience? Producer & Creative Technologist Where do I
begin? THE STORY Let's
Brainstorm! 5 story ideas 3 characters 3 platforms video documentary film web series TV audio
novel comic graphic novel poetry flyers stickers
website blog tumblr facebook photo gallery twitter
street game ARG app mobile game board game cards
props QR codes geocaches puzzles mailings signs lockbox
webcam security cameras text msg voicemail email
public artwork museum store public transport payphone
dance scavenger hunt theatre music interviews 2:00 Gamification Turning everyday life into a game. Experience Design Remember,
it's not what you want,
it's what they need. Step back & look at things from your audience's perspective. Defined
entry points
to the world. Clear
about how
to play. Easy to find
basic info:
times, URLs,
contact. BADGE CHECK-IN Why is it intriguing? What's the plot of the story? What's the problem to address? What if......? What lesson is learned? What knowledge is gained? What new thing is experienced? What does your audience leave with? What about multiple characters? How long will each platform's
story last? Make sure story "fits" its platform. Consider capturing user data to push other platforms out. Do you have the resources you need to pull this off? a couple more case studies! Characters Should "talk" to your audience & invite them in. Provide differing viewpoints of the plot or issue. May need multiple writers with different voices. Give characters social media accounts if possible. (*TOS) They don't all have to be likable, just interesting! How To Transmedia Find free,
or low-cost
technology to incorporate.
Pay for it when you're able. Outline the story
& its world of sites,
& media. You don't need permission
to create transmedia! Build a team,
but learn enough
to be dangerous.
Transmedia producers are generalists. Use a calendar,
note cards on your wall or
project management software.
Keep the storylines
straight! Just do it! [offline video] [offline video]
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