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Colin Hofer

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Religion

Religion Mormonism Believed in their prophet, Joseph Smith
Made the journey from the East to the Salt Lake Valley, currently Utah Division of Christianity Shakers Lived in separate communal living societies
Women and Men lived in separate places Unitarians Religious group whose members believed that people should see god as a single divine being A.M.E Church
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Wanted independence from white methodists There were outdoor services that help spread the religious inspiration of the 2nd Great Awakening that lasted as long as a week called camp meetings.

Transcendentalists Believed people should go beyond their senses to learn about the world
Listened to nature and their own consciences to learn the truth about the universe Utopias
Settlements that formed by people who chose to distance themselves from society by setting up communities based on unusual ways of sharing property, labor, and family life.
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