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Los Ingenieros Space Program

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Los Ingenieros Space Program

Los Ingenieros Space Program

Our objectives this week was very diverse. We had to build a model rocket, a bottle rocket and a plane. All these different projects demanded a lot of time and respect.
Plane: We were the first group to finish it. It SORT of FLEW!

Model Rocket: PERFECT. The rocket was very stable, reached the highest height, and deployed its parachute perfectly.

Bottle Rocket: Went the highest and was very stable. Glider deployed successfully and calmly landed on the floor.
Plane: Learn how to fly better to really see if the plane works. Put more power to make it more stable.

Model Rocket: Nothing. Perfect ride.

Bottle Rocket: Improve detachment motor to make parachute deploy.

Lessons Learned
All three projects demanded a lot of precision so it is always important to either create simulators or have practice runs before experimenting. This way one can see his mistakes and correct them. It is not all in you control, for example, the wind was making it harder to fly the planes.
Plane: The materials, the wind, and driving the plane.

Model Rocket: We really didn't find any obstacles until we reached the parachute. On the trial run, it failed to deploy.

Bottle Rocket: Getting the cone to deploy and allow the parachute to function.
We separated the assignments into three parts:

Jared: Worked on the glider

Tony: Worked on the plane

Elvan: Worked on the plane

Chris: Worked on the model rocket and bottle rocket

Juan: Worked on the model rocket and bottle rocket
All challenges were met to great success. The plane landed softly more than once, the rockets flew, our Arduino didn't die (by water or extreme force), our staging worked as intended, the glider had the altitude to demonstrate its grace, and our model rocket even had a working parachute. At the end of the day, everything was a success.
Christopher Chan
Juan Boulay
Elvan Babuna
Jared Cuellar
Tony Bouza
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