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In order to deliver sustainable product design solutions, bu

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Ilona OBrien

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of In order to deliver sustainable product design solutions, bu

Executive Summary

OPEN SOLUTIONS, INC is a start-up organization whose vision is to create the finest and most useful food/hospitality software for the food service industry workers, home cooks, foodies and people who love to eat and be healthy.

Our objective is to make everybody’s life easy in the world of healthy cooking and eating. The software product was designed and created by a combined effort of a passionate chef, creative marketer and a talented software engineer.
OPEN SOLUTIONS, INC was formed through random selection of members by Stanford University NovoEd Technology Entrepreneurship selection board.
We read each other’s profile and communicated online until we got tired of each other.
Our team started with 12 members down to 3 dedicated members who continue on for (Part 2) of this class.

The Product

What does it take to be the most useful kitchen help or cook's companion or health guru?

ING-Genius! A Smart Cooking App.

ING-Genius is a free cooking/ingredient app with an array of recipe database, giving you tons of great options based on whatever you want. The app has a bunch of filters that allow you to find a recipe based on whatever strikes your mood or needs. Like most cooking apps these days, Inggenius makes it easy to get what you need at the store by providing a shopping list feature. ING-Genius is your personal chef, nutritionist/calorie tracker & meal planner.
Sales & Marketing
We conducted a survey to determine interest in our product and gain potential future customer information. Based on site metrics the percentage of visitors that actually took the survey is less than 10%.
Not Just Another App
Of that very small percentage, roughly 60% expressed interest in our product, and only half of those people registered to receive updates and release information about INGgenius. Of the less than 10% in web traffic that took the survey, only 3% completed the registration process.
"To see is to believe."
Out of few people who expressed interest in INGGenius but did not complete registration are waiting until the app has been released before making any commitment, eventhough it's free.
Marketing Strategy

"Direct Marketing" in the form of in-person/chat surveys.This group of people were representative of our customer segment focus. Of those surveyed outside of the web-site, 60% were interested in our product with that 60% completing registration
Ensure more emphasis on SEO, and social media marketing.
You Tube features of Celebrity Chef Bloopers & Screw Ups
incorporating "INGGenius" to the rescue.
Sales Channel

Download via web site, partner retail sites (advertisers). As a universal device smart app, available through Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores and others (AT&T app store). Infomercial via YouTube. Twitter and Facebook via hyperlink to download from website.
Revenue Model
Sales of apps upgrades, accessories, subscriptions, premium upgrades. Percentage of share from sale of product on which QR code or any such tag is placed. Charging ecommerce partners for product placement and branded advertising campaigns. sales of traditional ads and outbound link placements. Sales of user analytics.

Target Audience


Anything other Cooking Apps can do,
INGGenius can do better.
Company Projection
Year1- Product Testing, Sample Distribution
Year2-Product Maintenance,Customer Feedback Tracking
Year 3- Product Improvement
Official Launch
Customer Feedback

Food Service/Hospitality Industry, Manufacturers, Culinary Educators, Restaurants,
Michelle Widener
-Freelance Entrepreneur,Commercial Art/Graphic Designer
Ilona O'Brien
Business Owner.
Personal Chef
Sastry Kolachana-
Software Engineer

"We'll make it Happen."
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