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Arcade Komodo: Development Game Plan

Brief on Arcade Komodo's Soft Console Development (Stage A)

F.L. Taylor

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Arcade Komodo: Development Game Plan

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Goal MyBobbleHead Avatar Creator Persistent Global Avatar & Achievements System TBEMS Enabled Game Application Modular Pre-fabrication and Customization Start Real-time 3D Content Store
& Test Sandbox OverArc Modular Content Construction System provides a systematic approach for managing the assembly of modular attachable/detachable parts to create pre-fab Game Entities and support in-game customization.

It's desired that all complex game entities {characters, weapons, vehicles, etc} are customizable, in all games created with the Arcade Komodo Framework. In this Phase, the Game Server Control Protocol (HTTP Communications) to the Master Server Complex to support Online Persistence and TBEMS API is developed.

The HierArc is the first application to utilize the TBEMS API. A Modular Content Store and Test Sandbox for UDK(UE3) Assets supported by TBEMS. The HierArc will provide a centralized marketplace in a real-time 3D Environment powered directly with UDK in which:

Artist can showcase, demonstrate, and sell Content/Parts Packs: Textures, Materials, Particle FX, Models, Animations, SoundFX, Music, and more.
Developers can view/assemble, play test, and purchase Content for immediate use in their Projects. What You See Is What You Get! GREEDY BLASTARDS
Persistent Avatar and Achievements System

MyBobbleHead Avatar Creator: Creates a persistent Avatar for use in Arcade Komodo Games, similar to the Home Console Avatar Systems (ie: XBox Live, Wii). The difference is, Player's can upload front / side (and optional top / rear) photo of their head/face to auto-generate a customizable 3D MyBobbleHead (head only).

MyBobbleHead can be attached to an Avatar body, customizable with of 1000s of Outfits and Accessories OR replace the head of in-game pre-set player characters. (Facial animation?) Avatar Accessories can be provided as Achievements and purchasable items.

Inspired by UT's Big Head Mutator, The MyBobbleHead's size can provide instant visual representation of the Player's achievements. Treasure Hunter VR is the first Game Entry in Arcade Komodo's Real-time 3D Game Contest Line up. The game's premise: Paid-to-Play 3D Action Adventure (Maze) Treasure Hunt for Virtual Treasure with a 'Progressive' Real-world Cash Value.

The game's back-story is simple and opened to accommodate the creation of surreal levels (a shameless attempt to make my amateur level designs using UDK assets, acceptable.)

However, I envision marvelous and unique Surreal 3D level creations being possible with a strong Art Development Team. GREEDY BLASTARDS Trivia

GREEDY BLASTARDS was the first Tournament Arcade Game I designed (on paper) for Arcade Komodo. It's a fast-paced DeathMatch/CTF hybrid Shooter inspired by InstantAction.com ThinkTanks. The art direction was comical and cartoony using Bobblehead characters (pop fiction) , wacky weapons and special effects.

Players are pitted against each other in a open arena and must grab loot and bank it for points, before losing it. Loot, Banks, Power Ups, and Traps are spawned in random locations. Players can drop and lose their loot by getting hit by enemy fire or traps.

Players pay a entry fee to enter the arena, and redeem their banked points for cash. This is the basic operating principal for most Tournament and Contests Games in Arcade Komodo. Use Left/Right Arrows
to move view. The Arcade Komodo Soft Console Utilizes the UDK (UE3) Game Engine. It emulates a Video Game Console providing Multiple games via Game Module Plug-ins. All Arcade Komodo Game Modules are built with the ArcadeKomodo Framework and designed with modular game mechanisms. Individual Games Modules extend the GameInfo Class and encapsulate everything required to support its unique game experience. The Game Modules are 'plugged' into the Soft Console via Download.

Like code, content may be shared between games. The Goal is to produce FUN and ENTERTAINING games that generate revenue. Arcade Komodo is designed with built-in mechanisms to market, distribute, and process monetary transactions (revenue).

Lets produce games that Player's enjoy playing and want to continue to do so after they run out of tokens. The Philosophy here is game mechanics are reusable, so is content. Maximize replay value through re-purposing.
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