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Craig Bautista

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of Copy of JESUS' RESURRECTION

Jesus' Great Triumph Over Death and the Resurrection
From the events on page 184-185, choose one event as the most essential to our Christian Faith.
Risen Jesus' Appearances
Jesus' Resurrection and Our Faith
The resurrection is most essential to our Christian Faith. Jesus' resurrection is the high point in the history of salvation and should therefore lead us to live an authentic Christian life with a living moral life and active praise and worship to the Father, the source of life.
The Resurrection of Jesus
Mary Magdalene and her companions went in haste to the tomb to the customary anointing of the dead body of Jesus.
The sight of rolled back stone
The angel
The amazement was there
Resurrection can be described from three points of view:
1. As passage - an event in human history
2. As glorified life of the Risen Christ - it is NOT a return to earthly life, but an entirely new glorified existence
3. As effected by the Blessed Trinity
Mark 16:1-7
CFC, 628
The Resurrection of Jesus
The truth is that the resurrection is NOT only the proof, it is the GOOD NEWS, it is the message.
The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus
This story of the journey to Emmaus is one of the accounts of the appearances of the Risen Jesus.
CFC, 643
It was an appearance which was different from ordinary visual appearances for the disciples we able to touch Him and yet the glorified body of Christ transcended limits of time and space.
CFC, 643
Jesus appeared only to the disciples and all those who could identify Him with the earthly Jesus, except in the account of Paul's conversion when He heard the risen Jesus.
CFC, 643
These appearances did not magically remove the doubts of the witnesses; rather they moved the doubtful to faith. It is only with faith that the appearances of Jesus can be seen and understood.
Jesus' presence was not confined to His appearances, but in our present time, we can still feel His presence in our community and in each one of us.
We can conclude that the Resurrection of Jesus is the kerygma, the core of our faith. We cannot believe without doing and praising, Jesus is alive in us when we live an authentic Christian Faith.
Sacred Scriptures
The Resurrection proves that our Lord, Jesus Christ is a living God; hence, we should be a people with living faith.
1 Cor 15:17,19
Do we know what it means in our life?
If Jesus' resurrection capped the essentials of our faith, we are then called by this truth to live a truly Christian way of life.
CFC, 621-625
It confirmed everything Christ has done and taught.
It fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies promising a Savior for all the world.
It confirmed Jesus' identity.
The meaning and salvific importance of Christ's resurrection
CFC, 621-625
It brought us a share in the new life.
It is a principle and source of our future resurrection.
The meaning and salvific importance of Christ's resurrection
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