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Raoul Larkins

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of IDS 2

Everyone can be fit

Nike | Mountain Biking
Caroline Gardiner, Andy Halliwell, Raoul Larkins, Amber Richards, Susie Starr
The Brief
Nike Aims & Goals
Existing Nike Products
Product Analysis
Summary Of Nike
Secondary Research
Mountain Bikers
PEEST Research
To reduce the amount of environmental waste, in terms of packaging, shipping and product samples.
To create more efficient manufacturing techniques
Reduce contributions to climate change.
To create finished product with Zero waste.

Water Stewardship
Reduce water consumption used for products
Aim to borrow water and return it clean to communities

Researching and exploring new materials and manufacturing methods.
Constantly trying to create superior products.

Community Impact
Nike Foundation, helping remove poverty in third world countries especially in adolescent girls.
Nike School Education Fund, helps support programs that have big impacts on schools and students, as well as assisting in early learning and leadership development programs.
Nike Employee Grant Fund, fund programs that create positive experiences for young people through sport and physical education
The History Of Nike
The company we know today, 'Nike' first began in 1964. It was founded "Blue Ribbon Sports" and was initially a distributor for the shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger (now known as Asics).
It was initially started up with only $1200 by Bill Bowerman - a track and field coach - and Phil Knight a middle distance runner.
Wanting to give his athletes the edge, Bowerman developed a rubber/latex sole with raised nubs for increased grip. This became his first of many patents.
The name 'Nike' is based upon the Greek goddess of victory known as "ny'kee". Jeff Johnson the first Nike employee came up with the name. Phil Knight had originally wanted the company to be called "dimension 6".
The famous 'Just Do It' slogan stems from Gary Gilmore, a serial killer in 1977. He said "Lets do it" just before his execution by firing squad. The first 'Just Do It' campaign was launched in 1988.

Heat Genie - www.heatgenie.com

A solid fuel that is the size of a tea light (1.33 ounces). It is situated at the bottom of the packaging; usually a can (metal packaging) and is activated by pressing it.

The fuel is made from a natural food safe material – the rate at which the chemical reaction takes place can be controlled according to the composition, therefore it altered according to what food is being heated.

The food is heated within its packaging, and is safe to be held by the consumer whilst its heated. The packaging takes 2 minutes to heat to 160 Fahrenheit/70 Celsius.
How do people get there?
Mountain Biking
Man-Made Trails/
trail parks
There are two main categories of mountain biking in terms of the type and level of activity. Within these there are lots of other categories such as downhill, cross country etc.
Survey Results
Natural Trails
Often on private land with pre-planned routes with different levels of difficulty much like a ski resort. There are usually man-made features to make routes more interesting. Site will commonly have a large car park and a cafe and/or shop
Some riders prefer to plan their own rides, often in national parks, and ride around the natural paths and trails. This is usually an all-day activity and more breaks are taken to read maps etc.
Why do people go Mountain Biking?
"Because it's fun!"
"It's good exercise- keeps you fit and healthy"
"It's adventurous"
"it gets you outdoors and at one with nature"
Travel by car with bike on/ in the back
Cycle from home to site on mountain bike
Take bikes on a plane in a bike bag
Get ski lift to top of mountain
Who goes Mountain Biking?
ScaldoPack - http://www.scaldopack.be

Both self-heating and self-cooling, this would be useful when it comes to storage of the product.

The packaging is flexible, which again useful for storage, however it also means that it is only really useful for liquid food/drink (soup or coffee).

The fuel source is Quicklime, creating an exothermic reaction; this is activated by the press of a button.

The pouch in pouch concept means the food is contained inside one and the quicklime around the outside allowing it to be heated without coming into contact with the food.

Self-heating packaging

This type of packaging is usually done by using and exothermic reaction.

Two methods:

Quicklime (Calcium oxide) - when the calcium oxide is combined with water it hydrates, this causes it to puff up and turn into calcium hydroxide. This is a reversible reaction, so it can be changed back into Quicklime and used again; for this to happen the calcium hydroxide has the water removed from it by heating.

Calcium chloride - when dissolved in water it creates an exothermic reaction and can reach temperatures of around 50 degrees Celsius. Also it could be hazardous to health if the consumer were to ingest any of the calcium chloride, like burns and irritation on moist skin.
Hot Pack - www.hotpackmeals.co.uk

To heat the food an exothermic reaction is created, this is done with a mixture of aluminum and calcium carbonate - by using these no metallic smell is left after activation.

To activate water is added, which is included in the pack. Once activated heat and steam is rapidly released.

The heating time is 10-12 minutes.

Hot pack supplies the military and emergency services, like the Police.

This comes as a meal kit, the food is sealed in a pouch that doesn't need to be stored in the fridge and has a long shelf life.

Keeping food cold at a temperature between 5 and 1 degrees Celsius - nhs.uk


Once food has been cooked it should be put into containers and refrigerated within 2 hours. (During the first two hours there is less chance of contamination).

Too quickly cool food and keep cold for a short period an ice bath can be used.

Could the container be within an ice bath that keeps the contents cold? Use the water after to heat the food through boiling? What would be the heat source?
www.foodsafety.gov - recommended cooking temperatures for different meats.
mainly aged 16-24; 25-34; and 35-54
predominantly white males (approx. 80% male)
more likely to be either students or employers / managers
have a higher than average annual household income (mostly between £50 - £80k)
have a degree (or higher)
have a car
have children.
Food Preservation
Canning - vegetables, cooked meat

Drying - fruit, soup, pasta, rice


Adding salt/sugar - meat, crisps, jam

Adding vinegar - pickles, onions
In September 2010 IMBA and Sacred Rides sponsored a survey about women and mountain biking. Here is a recap of what they found:
Most women mountain bikers are between 30-39
They first learned about mountain biking from their partner
They enjoy being in nature
Think other women do not mountain bike because they believe it is too hard core, inviting another woman to ride is the best way to get more women into mountain biking
When do people go Mountain Biking?
The sport is typically undertaken in the summer months when the weather is warmer and the ground is dryer. This is especially true in places like the Alps where ski season dominates the area in winter. In the UK where the weather in winter is less extreme people can generally mountain bike whenever they like.
Where do people go Mountain Biking?
Swinley Forest, Berkshire
Coed Llandegla, North Wales
Glentress, Scotland
Grizedale, Cumbria
Machynlleth, Mid Wales
Coed y Brenin, North Wales
Fort William, Scotland
Calderdale, Yorkshire
Kirroughtree, Southern Scotland
Most popular sites are relatively spread out across the uk
Most popular sites worldwide tend to be in either Europe or North America. This may also be because it is where the sport is most popular
Top 5 Worldwide Mountain Bike Destinations
Alps, France
Whistler, Canada
Park City, Utah
Rotorua New Zealand
Finale Ligure, Italy
Top 10 Mountain Biking Destinations UK
Why Field?
Choosing to look at field allows us to explore many different possibilities. We took the environment field as anywhere on land. This then lead us to cycling, during the early stages of our research our group was undecided between road cycling and mountain biking. eventually we decided to go with mountain biking as it allowed for a more extreme situation.
These are just some of the challenges that we will have to face when designing a product for a mountain biking environment
Product must be water proof as it is very likely that there will be large amounts of mud, having it water tight will mean no mud gets into the food
Product must be light weight as mountain bikers do not want to carry unnecessary or large equipment.
Looking at our results you can see mountain biking is generally a younger persons activity with 35 people being in the 18-14 age bracket. We can also see that generally people over 55 either stop mountain biking or don't start doing it, this is most likely because they have to look after their bodies at a certain age and mountain biking can be potential a dangerous hobby
From our survey we found that over 90% of people we surveyed are males. This shows that mountain biking is a very male ruled sport. With this we should be able to design our product with a male target market in mind and cater to their needs.
Even though a large portion of our users are under the age 25 over 50% of people have been mountain biking for over years. This means for anyone in our largest age bracket they must have started mountain biking in their teenage years.
To our surprise, people who mountain bike seriously will go more than once a week, we must look into how these people fit mountain biking into their daily routine. For example our largest age group the 18 - 24 must be working or in higher education so they must be very busy during the week.
From our survey we found people mainly like to either go riding by themselves or with friends. People said they like to ride individually as they use mountain biking like an escape. But when they go on longer day trips that's when they go with friends.
Depending on where the mountain biking site is usually depicts how they get to the location. Still a higher percentage of users take a car to location this means the bikes are either put in the back or a bike rack is attached to the ar.
Looking at our results people spend between £100 and £500 on accessories alone. This shows that mountain bikers may be willing to spend a large amount of money on our product, so it can be very high quality.
During our survey we found 70% of people usually carry a rucksack this means we can look into using the bag as a place to store the product during the ride. As well as this storing the product on the bike frame may be effective.
Since over 50% of the people surveyed said they would rather eat during or after the ride, we think this is the more suitable time to eat. So we will focus around these meal times.
Users prefered the idea of eating some reheated food, but only slightly more than cooking from scratch. People could be drawn towards reheating as it allows for the food to be prepared quickly and easily even if you are tied from a long ride.
Official IMBA Mountain Bike Rules of the Trail
1. Ride On Open Trails Only.
Respect trail and road closures - ask if uncertain; avoid trespassing on private land; obtain permits or other authorization as may be required. Federal and state Wilderness areas are closed to cycling. The way you ride will influence trail management decisions and policies.

2. Leave No Trace.
Be sensitive to the dirt beneath you. Recognize different types of soils and trail construction; practice low-impact cycling. Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage. When the trailbed is soft, consider other riding options. This also means staying on existing trails and not creating new ones. Don't cut switchbacks. Be sure to pack out at least as much as you pack in.

3. Control Your Bicycle!
Inattention for even a second can cause problems. Obey all bicycle speed regulations and recommendations.

4. Always Yield Trail.
Let your fellow trail users know you're coming. A friendly greeting or bell is considerate and works well; don't startle others. Show your respect when passing by slowing to a walking pace or even stopping. Anticipate other trail users around corners or in blind spots. Yielding means slow down, establish communication, be prepared to stop if necessary and pass safely.

5. Never Scare Animals.
All animals are startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement, or a loud noise. This can be dangerous for you, others, and the animals. Give animals extra room and time to adjust to you. When passing horses use special care and follow directions from the horseback riders - ask if uncertain. Running cattle and disturbing wildlife is a serious offense. Leave gates as you found them, or as marked.

6. Plan Ahead.
Know your equipment, your ability, and the area in which you are riding -- and prepare accordingly. Be self-sufficient at all times, keep your equipment in good repair, and carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions. A well-executed trip is a satisfaction to you and not a burden to others. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.
Are there any materials that can't be imported internationally?
there are some restrictions on importing wood to the USA and Canada which are very popular mountain biking destinations.
plywood an veneer are exempt from such regulations
What can you take on a plane?
no more than 100ml of liquid
no corkscrews or knives
electronic items must have charge
no tool with blade or shaft longer than 6cm
no acids or alkalies
Weather/ Season
mostly a summer sport as popular in areas where skiing is popular in winter and the land is covered in snow
in the UK the sport is undertaken in all weathers and seasons
The Effects of Climate Change
As air temperatures rise, ski seasons are getting shorter so the local economies in the alps etc are encouraging other activities, namely mountain biking, to continue making money. Therefore the sport's popularity may increase as facilities improve.
Does Mountain Biking Harm the Environment?
Trails provide access to remote areas, accommodate a diverse range of recreational activities and protect resources by concentrating visitor trampling to narrow and resistant tread surfaces. Trail construction requires vegetation removal and soil excavation so the more trails constructed, the greater the impact on the environment.
Common environmental impacts associated with recreational use of trails include
Vegetation loss and compositional changes
soil compaction
degraded water quality
disruption of wildlife
Water Availability
In some trail parks water is available, but only at a central point e.g. cafe so wouldn't have access during ride. Not available when on natural trails so if water is needed it would have to be carried with the rider either in a backpack or clipped onto the bike.
Product Lifespan
Outer casing of product should be re-usable but could have a disposable heating element inside. There are very few rubbish bins around trails so riders must be able to take their rubbish with them so should be convenient and safe to carry in their rucksack.
Key Conclusions
An avid mountain biker
Does take a rucksack but would wouldn't mind the product to be clipped onto the bike
Doesn't like the idea of using the device to boil water to make a hot drink as it requires too many elements
Spends lots on quality kit
Has something substantial for breakfast like porridge
Doesn't eat much during his ride, just snacks on energy bars
Has a scheduled tea and cake stop at a cafe en route
After his ride he wants something warm, quick and easy
Would make meal in the morning and pack into device
He mountain bikes to keep fit and gain self confidence
Aesthetics are important
Key Conclusions
a keen mountain biker
goes alone or with friends once a week
doesn't like trail parks
spends a substantial amount on quality kit
carries a rucksack and lots of water
would want the device no larger than water bottle
Has fry-up for breakfast at local cafe
During ride he wants to eat something quick and easy to open
Takes a cold packed lunch
Thinks eating is more a necessity than an enjoyable experience
Wants a hot drink/something quick to warm him up after ride
Mountain bikes to keep fit
Mood Board
Key Conclusions
Student, who mountain bikes when he can, mainly at weekends
Mainly enjoys the social part of mountain biking, he enjoys spending a day outside
He drives to a trail, mainly choosing ones in close proximity to uni. But will travel further a field occasionally
He always takes a rucksack with him; in this bag he has a Camelbak, tools for his bike, goggles and snacks
He would prefer to eat during a cycle as it would refuel him for the rest of the day
His ideal day would be: arriving at the trial for 10/11 and staying till the late afternoon
On a short ride he takes snack bars that are high in energy and small in size
On longer rides, he would take a packed lunch of sandwiches, crisps and chocolate
A hot meal does appeal to him, particularly on colder days, or days where he knows he will be out for the whole day
Price of average mountain bike?

Mountain bikes which are used by mountain bikers for their true purpose can be purchased for around £600 some examples of these types of bikes are:

B’Twin Rockrider 9.1


Trek X-Caliber 7


Saracen Mantra Pro (2014)


VooDoo Bizango (2013)


B'Twin Rockrider 700 S


Giant Talon 27.5 4


All these bikes achieved a 4 ½ star rating by customers on bikeradar.com, except the last one (the Giant Talon) which got a 4 star rating. So for someone who is fairly serious about their hobby of mountain biking this is the price range they will look at. Obviously there are bikes which are more expensive as well as ones which are very cheap.
Is it a competitive market?
Yes, the market of mountain bikes and accessories is a very competitive market as there is just so much to choose from and so many levels of skill to cater too. In terms of food storage that can be reheat food for a mountain biker there is nothing like the product we intend to make. Generally mountain bikers will take a sandwich with them as well as other food items to snack on, for example fruit and energy bars.

What disposable income do they have?
A large amount of people would happily spend between £100-£500 on bike accessories, but there are also a some people who could justify paying a bit more, going up to £1000. This shows we should target our product around the £500 mark.
We got this information from our survey which we have been giving avid Mountain bikers.

Is it worth it, would people rather go to a restaurant?

Since we are aiming the product at mountain bikers generally there are no restaurants near by. So they have to take their own packed food anyway.
A majority of people said they would rather heat up their own meal after their ride as apposed to getting food from somewhere.

Do they go abroad? And how do they get there?

It was a 50/50 split between people who rode on their bike to their mountain biking spot and people who drove by car. This shows that the places people visited will have been in the same country as where they live. Only one or 2 people travelled by plane to another country.

How much do other bike storage devices cost?
These saddle bags, clip onto the seat tube or seat a possible area we are looking to have our product stored, as well as that these are also a similar size and shape we are looking at. Even though these bags only store things the price range goes from £60 to £6, so our product will obviously be more expensive as it also has an added heating element to it.
For other accessories such as:
lights can range from £300 to £5

Backpacks can range from £140 to £12

Mudguards can range from £40 to £6

Cycling computers can range from £250 to £25

This shows that bicycle accessories have a wide range depending on how seriously you take your hobby.

What are Nike?
Nike Evolution
Nike Posters
Performance Driven
Focuses mainly on young males.
Mainly advertise in magazines selling at around £4.50 a piece and also on mountain biking websites.
Advertising many different bits of equipment for mountain bikers, like rucksacks and shoes; ranging in price form £20 onwards.

The People
Being a extreme sport the main gender for this sport is males, with many outdoor sport companies claiming the percentage of women is around 10 to 20%
Our survey suggests that the main age range for mountain bikers are the 18s the 24s by a huge margin
People mainly choose to go mountain biking with friends or on their own; within our survey there wasn't much between these two answers
Mountain biking is more of a way of life than a past time, therefore it is not surprising that most people who do go have been interested in mountain biking for a long time and usually start at quite a young age
It isn't a sport particularly picked up by beginners
The money
It is not a cheap sport with most bikes being sold at £700+ therefore it isn't a sport people will commit to unless they really do love it - and if someone loves something they are more committed to doing it more often, and also will spend more money on items related to it
Our survey suggests that most people will spend between £100-£500 a year (when not buying a bike) on mountain biking equipment and clothing. This suggests that creating a cheap product will not need to be a main goal for us, as if it is of high quality then they will spend the money
Technology is helping all types of products become lighter/faster/smaller, and therefore we will need to be ahead of the game if we want to stand out to these types of tech savvy buyers.
'Inspiration' and 'Innovation' for every athlete
Nike have described their overall brand concept as inspiring and innovative. They encourage new ideas and want to produce products that make people want to go out and do something. These are both words that stand out when looking at their products as they use the latest materials and new technology, making them far more advance then they will ever need to be- this helps them become ahead of the game.
Nike Adverts
Nike posters tend to be witty and require people to think about them before they understand the full meaning. They also usually feature one of their sponsored athletes to highlight the fact that their products are fit for the best sportsmen and women in the world.
Key Conclusions
Nike's video adverts don't have the same fun feel towards them. They have much more meaning and really inspire you to get up and go and do something great. They highlight that nothing is impossible as long as you try. They are well made and make you believe in yourself as well as the brand.
-Lecturer at Loughborough Design School
-Has lots of experience mountain biking
-Mostly rides bike trails but occasionally goes for whole cross country days
-Take a large amount of water with him and little food, energy bars and other snack type food.
-Doesn't take much because he won't be out biking for more than 4 hours if he is on a trail
-He will have a large breakfast at a Cafe before his ride and not eat again till he is done
-He would like a warm meal after his ride, for example in his car when he is done
Key Conclusion
-University Student
-Has experience in mountain biking, but does not go very frequently
-Has breakfast before his cycle with at least an hour an a half before his cycle
-Rides on Mountain bike trails, so does not spend a very long time on site, but still open to the possibility of a picnic type scene during or after the ride
-Wants something quick and easy to eat
-Only takes enough water to drink as well as only having energy and snack type food, but is very interested on the idea of a hot meal
-Happy to prepare the meal the night befoe

Nike is known for being the best and making high quality performance products, they then make this performance available to all at a reasonable price.
They advertise this high quality by sponsoring big teams and sportsmen/women, this then shows the public that even the best in the sport use the same things as everyone else.
Nike Back this up by using the newest materials available for their products, generally in all sports the aim is to make the weight of the product less and this has been seen over the years with every sport.
All NFL teams
Brazilian Football Team
Tiger Woods
Argentina Rugby Team
Manny Pacquiao
Júnior dos Santos
Maria Sharapova
Indian Cricket Team
These are just some of the people, team and organisations Nike sponsors, they sponsor over a 100 different things all over the world. This covers a variety of sports and levels of sport. In the US Nike sponsor nearly all College sports teams.

This shows that the Nike presence can be seen all over the world through their advertising and sponsorship.

This shows Nike's core products going outwards from the middle to the outer ring where the brand has got lost and you wouldn't be able to place them as Nike.
Nike Core
Fridge Storage
- Don't put open cans in the fridge
- Stainless steel is more hygienic - safe for fridge
- Resealable plastic lids? To prevent metallic contamination
Hot can - hotcan.com

How it works:
The can of food is within a larger can with a small gap between the two.

In the gap there is a water sachet and loose granular limestone (like toothpaste)

There are three holes in the top of the outer can and a spike is used to pierce through these in turn piercing the water sachet, which then starts off the chemical reaction.

The hot can takes 8-12 minutes to heat to a temperature of 60-70 degress centigrade.

There are a variety of different meals that can be chosen:
Bangers and beans
Beef pasta
Solar Cooker

Use the heat from the sun to cook food; no fuel is required.

There are 3 types:
Box - moderate high temp
Curved concentrator- cook fast at high temp
Panel - box and curved combined

What is required?
Sunny place for several hours
Dark surfaces (get hot easily)
Food to be in a shallow, thin metal, dark in colour tight lid

How it works:
A heat trap is used; a heat resistant plastic bag or glass bowl or box with plastic window - to help concentrate heat.
(a curved concentrator heater doesn't need a heat trap)

One or more shiny surfaces concentrate the suns rays onto the pot containing food.

Temperatures reach 165 - 290 degrees centigrade
Buit long cooking times (dependent of suns intensity):
Rice- 4 hours
Bake cookies - 2 hours

However, these cookers are most suited in african countries where it is hot for long periods; could be useful in America?

Propane and Butane gas heating

These two gases require little pressurization, making them easy to store and transport.

The Propane and Butane are usually mixed together so that the gas vapourises for clean burning.

Needs an ignition temperature of 450-510 degrees centigrade.

Once lit the gas will burn until the cannister runs out.

Most foods can be cooked on a stove that uses these gases as their burner; different attachments would need to be used to allow for their cooking.

The cooking time for foods should be similar to that of a kitchen stove, meaning that the food would be ready fairly promptly, however a stove using these gases could take a long period to cool down to put away.
Testing of Existing Products
The 'Swoosh' is one of the most recognized brand logos in the world.

It was first designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student, she was only paid $35 for the rights of its use.

The original design of the 'swoosh' was based from wings on the statue of the greek goddess of victory, Nike, who was supposed to influence brave warriors. There is also old greek folklore that says "When we go to battle and win, we say it is Nike."

The colour red in the brand was supposed to symoblise passion, energy and joy. Where as the White is meant to show charm, puriy and nobility of Nike.
The Nike Logo
We tested 6 different methods of heating food and did it in two batches. The first batch were open flame devices that required some sort of fuel to be lit to produce the flame. We measured the time taken to remove the device from its packaging, set up the device and light; time taken to boil 250ml of cold water to 100 degrees; and length of time in which the device had cooled down enough to be packed away.
Device 1: Small Gas Burner
To assemble the gas canister is inserted into the bottom of the burner and the canister is pierced to allow the gas to flow. The metal pan supports fold out to allow a pan to sit on top and still allow oxygen to the flame. When the knob is turned the gas flows out of the canister and can be lit. It is stored as is seen in the picture
Device 2: Trangia Stove
The trangia stove is powered by lighting methylated spirit inside a metal pot set inside the device. The meths had to be carried separately. It is designed for cooking whilst hiking, has it's own incorporated wind shield and contains two pans and a kettle.
Device 3: Gas Hob
The gas hob is powered by a butane gas canister which is clipped in place on the side of the burner. It is lit by turning a dial which simultaneously allows the gas to flow and creates a small spark, igniting the gas. It is stored in a plastic carry case.
It's clear to see that Nike has branched out far away from the famous trainer it originally used to produce. They have adapted to modern times and aesthetics as now even their iconic trainer can come in all kinds of colours and patterns.
Nike continues to evolve and develop new and old products, which is shown through their watches and apps.
Through sponsoring they have started to create other iconic products. i.e. Water Bottles.
Device 4: Solid Fuel Stove
The solid fuel stove is a very low-tech device and is very compact and lightweight. It is fueled by fire lighters which are placed on top of the device. When it opens up it creates a surface for a pan to rest on.
Manifesto Board
The next batch of testing was with existing self-heating (exothermic reaction) devices. They came with pre-made food inside. We chose meals that contained meat so we could see if they were completely heated.
We heated up some baked beans in a pan and tested the temperature at regular intervals to find the most enjoyable temperature. We found that the best temperatures were between 55 and 65 degrees. Anything lower than this wasn't enjoyable and anything above this was too hot.
Device 5: Hot Can
Device 6: Hot Meal Kit
Analysis of Results

How might we?
Food Research
Foods with a high GI (Glycemic Index) increase the amount of glucose into the blood quicker than foods with a lower GI.

During exercise you want foods with a higher GI as it will rapidly deliver carbohydrates and give you a burst of energy, which will increase your energy output.
High GI foods (70 or more)
Mashed Potato 70
White Bread 70
Swede 72
Bagel 72
Jacket Potato 85
Baguette 95
White Rice 98
Moderate GI foods (56-69)
Sultanas 56
Digestive Biscuits 59
Raisins 64
Mars Bars 68
Many professional athletes will only take energy drinks while in a race/competition, these would hit both your glucose needs hydration requirements.
We will not be catering for these extreme competitive athletes
To set up the Hot Can the black lid was removed and placed on the bottom of the can. Then we pushed the supplied activation key into the 3 holes in the top of the can. This started the exothermic reaction between the baked limestone and water (water pouch is burst). We then pulled the inner can lid back slightly to allow a little steam to escape. We then waited for the food to heat.
We found that by the time we had finished eating the food the can cool enough to be put away without risk of burning anything. However, during the heating the can became very hot on the rims which was hazardous.
This was more involved to set up, we had to open the yellow packet and put the foil food pouch inside it. Then we had to pour into the packet 45ml of water (we provided ourselves), this started the reaction. Steam and heat immediately started coming from the packet, so it was difficult to seal it quick enough and secure enough to keep all the heat in.
After the specified time to heat the food was still cold/luke warm.
Nike tries to use as many eco friendly materials as possible while still keeping the products performance, they try to only use these materials in all their products:
- Organic cotton
- Recycled polyester
- Leather
- Environmentally preferred rubber
Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is a natural fiber grown and harvested without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers and defoliants. It looks, feels and wears just like conventional cotton. Nike use organic cotton as it is part of their ethos of being better, which organic cotton is as it is the same as conventional cotton but better for the environment. In 2004 Nike was using 975,000 kg of organic cotton, this increased to 9,603,000 in 2009.
Nike started using organic cotton in 1997 and since then they have been steadily increasing their use of it. at the moment 86% of their cotton usage is organic and they hope to increase this to 100% in the near future.
Recycled polyester
Nike have incorporated recycled polyester into their products for over five years. Recycled polyester results in less environmental impacts compared to normal polyester because of lower energy used to creat it, less raw material extraction and less waste being created. Nike's use of recycled polyester has grown by 15% since its introduction. The number of Nike garments containing recycled polyester increased from 3,000 when it was introduced to nearly 5.5 million in 2009 and included products designed for and inspired by the Olympics.
Nike is the one of the world's largest users of white leather for footwear. Waste from cutting leather constitutes one of their largest solid waste streams and they continue to seek ways to use this material as efficiently as possible, whether it be in new products or reselling it to other companies.
Environmentally preferred rubber
In 1998 Nike started research on environmentally friendly rubber and started developing it for footwear. by 2002 their research was ready to be put into practise.

In 2004 Nike launched the first environmentally preferred rubber which was to be used in footwear products. Now, over 75% of Nike shoes contain environmentally preferred rubber, up from 3 percent in 2004
Nike Vapor Flash - Running waist pack

Materials - body 100% polyester and lining 100% Nylon.
On the bag there are side panels made from reflective polyester which allow the runner to be seen better in dark conditions. This could be useful in our product because mountain biking is done throughout the year in Britain, so there may be dark nights and mornings.

It has adjustable webbing which allows the user to fit it to fit it to themselves. This is a useful function because it means the product can be used by a diverse range of users.

There are internal compartments for extra storage, this suggests that people playing sports like to carry their essentials and items in easy to access areas. Relating to our product internal compartments may be useful for things like cutlery, food, cleansing wipes.

The colours that have been used are in keeping with Nikes brand and are kept subtle, the suitability of this would be dependent of the target market. When looking at mountain biking the bikes come in either bright vibrant colours or blacks and grey's. This means that we need to find colours that suit both the Nike brand and the target market.
The price of this product is £25 which is quite high for a small bag, however it has features included in it that make it more useful to runners. This can therefore help to justify the price, also if the user is a keen runner they are more likely to be willing to pay the price.
We measured the set up time of all 6 devices and found that the trangia was the slowest to set up and also the heaviest and bulkiest so we ruled out the possibly of this straight away. For the devices that didn't already have food inside them we tested them by heating water to 100 degrees. the solo fuel was the slowest and also least safe as the pan sat on a very flimsy base over an open flame that was difficult to extinguish.
The gas hob was the most efficient device but was also very heavy.
In terms of the exothermic reaction devices, the Hot Can was the best device as it was the quickest and simplest to set up and to activate, However it did take a long time to cool down.
Nike Sport water bottle

Materials - The main body of the bottle would be made from a hard plastic like polypropylene and over moulded with an polymer elastomer. By doing this it allows a bright colours to be used which can be changed suited to the user and the elastomer provides a better grip for the user. In our product a combination of materials may be useful as this would allow for colours, heating elements and fixtures to be considered.

Furthermore, the water bottle is very suitable for its purpose as polypropylene is a hard and tough plastic which means it will be able to withstand rough handling. This is especially important in extreme sports and therefore in mountain biking; when doing the sport there is a lot of uneven terrain.

Also, the action of sucking/squeezing causes the drink to come out of the bottle; the liquid is unable to escape at any other point. This is useful as it means the user doesn't have to worry about getting their equipment or clothes wet from a leaking bottle. Also, the mechanism for the release when sucking is internal to the bottle, so no extra parts are on the outside. This is a useful thing to consider because the product being lightweight is key for mountain biking products as not to weigh down the rider.

The Nike logo is more subtle on this product than on some of Nike's other core products like their trainers. However, this doesn't make it any less obvious that it is a Nike branded product. This shows how the colours that we design our product in will greatly determine whether it is interpreted as a Nike product.
Open flame devices aren't suitable in all mountain biking locations
Gas devices also require fuel canisters which have to be carried separately
Exothermic reaction devices are the safest option
Hot can device takes a long time to cool down
Innovation and Inspiration are Nike's main descriptors so it is important in our product we consider these; through new materials and interesting shapes.

Also, it will be important to remember that Nike's history is very important to them and greek mythology is a big part of that; taking inspiration for their name and motto's from it.

Furthermore, Nike goals and aims focus on making products that improve the lives and experiences of people. This means that we should focus on creating a experience of the user not just the aesthetics of the product. Another goal is to reduce the amount of water used in their products and reduce water waste, this possibly suggests we should try to keep the use of water to a minimum, or reuse the water.

Overall, Nike is a bright, fun and high octane brand that was a diverse range of sports that they produce products for; their main target users look to the brand as being fit for purpose and the best due to its high profile role models.
If we were to put a kind of hot can device inside an insulated casing you could hold it would solve the problem of it being too hot
We could put the hot can technology into a smaller vessel (like heat genie) which could be inserted into the bottom of the eating device
The device we design could have a removable container in which pre prepared food is put into- useful if dishwasher safe
The product must be able to fit into a rucksack or clip onto the mountain bike somehow
The product and food that is in the product must not effect the environment in any way
The product must be easily cleaned after getting muddy
The product must be able to stand/ work on uneven surfaces
The product must it break any forest rules
Product should have a cover so during cooking rain and mud do not contaminate the food
The original Trainer
Design a desirable Nike product that allows hot food to be eaten during the mountain biking experience. The product must provide hot food that replaces the energy lost while biking. We will heat the food using the 'hot can' method, which involves an exothermic reaction. We want the food and product to enhance the experience to the point where they are looking forward to using the device and eating from it. We will be designing for men between the age range of 18-30, who are tech savvy and are conscious of the latest trends. Mountain biking is an intense, high impact sport so the product must be durable. The product must also be easy to clean and lightweight so it won't hinder their performance.
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