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Plant Life Cycle

No description

vanshika lalwani

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Plant Life Cycle

Plant Life Cycle
1. structure of the plant and the functions.
4.seed dispersal
The structure of the plant and
Anther- male part produces pollen.
.Filament-male part, holds up the anther.
.Stigma-female part, sticky and collects the pollen.
.Stamen-male part of the flower.
.Style-female part, tube that the pollen travels down.
Plants need to disperse their seeds away from themselves to stop overcrowding and to create new colonies. Nearly all

seeds are produced within "fruits". These fruits enable seeds to be dispersed in a variety of ways.
Ovary-Female part, egg cells are fertilised and turn into seeds.
the female organs of a flower, comprising the stigma, style, and ovary
the main body or stalk of a plant
The pollination process involves the transfer of pollen, from the male part of
Question .1
What is the function of the Anther?
(a). Male part which produces pollen.

b) Female part sticky and collects the pollen
(c). Male part of the flower.
What does the plant need to germinate?
(b)water, oxygen and proper temperature.
(a)cold temperature and water.

(c) hot temperature and oxygen.
All Seeds Need:
Proper Light
Need female and male part of the plant
they have both male and female parts in a single flower.

male part of the flower makes pollen.
pollinators ( little animals) brush against the anthers to get pollen.
pollinators land on a flower and the pollen rubs of their body.
(a) male part which produces pollen
(b)water, oxygen and proper temperature
(c) 3
(b) 2
(a) 1
Which one is the petal?
By: Vanshika
(a) It's when pollen is transferred from one plant to another
(c) 3
(c) 3
style-( female part, tube that the pollen travels down)
(b) It's when pollen travels down the style
(a) It's when pollen is transferred from one plant to another
What is pollination?
Question 4.
(a) It's when pollen is transferred from one plant to another
This is pollen
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