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Sorry, Right Number

Short Story

Maddie Wollin

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Sorry, Right Number

Sorry, Right Number Stephen King
Maddie Wollin
Hour 3 Katie Weiderman is the mother of 3 children, and wife of famous author. The Weiderman's wanted to find out who called their phone crying and asking for help. But the person hangs up, and the line starts buzzing no one knows who it is that called. So they call all the people they think it might be and family, but its not anyone one they know. 5 years later katie gets re-married because bill her husband died, one night she was sad and dials the number that called 5 years earlier in the phone, IT WAS HER! Summary Love hurts, when someone looses those who are most important to them. Theme Definition: Hints or clues of events that will occur later in the plot. Foreshadowing The theme emerges when Bill dies because of old age. Also when Katie dials the number that called the house, because she misses her dead husband. How the Theme Emerges Reason 1
"Okay you enjoy!
Bill honey are you okay?" Reason 2
"You miss him still don't you? Some days more than others." "Hello Weiderman residence." Take...please take...t-t-." Polly? Is that you? What's wrong? "Please quick-" (King 828). The quote explains this device because it is showing, who called the phone crying. Also why the Weiderman's are very confused about this strange phone call. The person on the phone is trying to say something but can't get the words to come out their mouth. The weidermans do not have any clue who the heck called. Foreshadowing "Daddy can i watch the first hour of Ghost Kiss and you tape the rest? Dennis and Connie are hogging everything" (King 828). How the Device Affects the Story The device affects the story, by starting to build up surprise and mystery of the story to reach the climax. Explanation This quote shows the device in the story because, later in the story that very movie comes on the screen. Jeffie wants to watch this movie called Ghost Kiss only the first part though, so he asked his dad to record the rest. Later in the story Katie goes in Bill's office because she misses him and she turns on the TV and the movie is on. When she relizes that she turns it off because it is too much of a memory for her. Explanation
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