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One Nation Conservatism

No description

Scott Thomas

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of One Nation Conservatism

Context Theory Arose through a mix of principles and pragmatism to avoid revolution and have a moral center.

Needed as Disraeli had
a) expanded the franchise
b) was worried about Britain becoming two nations Increasing industrialisation causing economic and social inequality. Rebellions across Europe were on the Increase and the threat of Socialism was causing a destabilising effect.

He didn't want Britain to go the way of France, or other European States Hierarchy and authority brings about not only inequalities of wealth but also responsibilities.
Those who had more should do more. (Link to Organic Society)
Background One Nation & Traditional Conservatism Not a break from Traditional Conservatism
Has similar beliefs on Tradition/Hierarchy/Organic Society and Patriotism.
It is however more compassionate as it tries to iron out some inequalities
Franchise Extensions
Laws on Working Conditions Legacy High Watermark was 1950s/60s
Churchill, Macmillan and Eden
Support for Keynesian Economics
Support for Welfare State Compassionate Conservatism One Nation Conservatism Social obligation is the price of privilege Most well off have a duty to look out for poorest – Noblesse Oblige. This is often described as a ‘Paternalistic Approach’ It's the next, logical and pragmatic step Ken Clarke is a prominent One Nation Tory Gay Marriage
Gay Blood Donation
Doubled UK Aid Budget
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