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Which Tampon is the Most Absorbent

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Paul Harvey

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Which Tampon is the Most Absorbent

Which Tampon Is The Most Absorbent ?
The ancient Egyptians invented the first disposable tampon made by softened.
The ancient Greeks invented the first tampons made by lint wrapped around a small piece of wood.
Other materials used for the first tampons also included: wool, paper, vegetable fibers, sponges, grass, and later cotton.
In 1929, the modern tampon (with applicator) was first invented and patented by Doctor Earle Haas who wanted to invent a tampon that could be effectively mass produced.
Tampax Tampons
Kotex Tampons
Playtex Tampons
Equate Tampons
4 Beakers
200mL of water
Blue food coloring

1. Fill four beakers with 50mL of water.
2. Put four drops of food coloring in each beaker.
3. Stir all beakers.
4. Open one of each type of tampon.
5. Put one Playtex tampon in the first beaker for five minutes.
6. Then measure the remaining liquid.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each type of tampon.
8. Repeat steps 4-7, for as many trials as needed. (We used 3 trials for each tampon)

In our experiment we found out which Tampon brand out of four different brands were the most absorbent.
We did three different trials for Tampax, Playtex, Kotex, and Equate.
After all of the trials the data came out to be that Playtex was the most absorbent Tampon.
After setting a Playtex tampon in the 50mL of water for five minutes it seemed to soak up way more water than all of the other Tampons.
In conclusion to this experiment, we saw that Playtex absorbed more of the liquid then the other three brands (Kotex, Tampax, and Equate).
My hypothesis was that Playtex was going to absorb more then other brands.
When I tested and did the trials repeatedly, I saw that my hypothesis was right.
Work Cited
What I Would Change
Amount of drops of dye
Amount of water
Pads instead of Tampons
Amount of time left in water
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Paul Harvey
Kadeasha Edge
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