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POP QUIZ BELL WORK: Epic, Epic Hero, and Epiteth, Oh My!

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on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of POP QUIZ BELL WORK: Epic, Epic Hero, and Epiteth, Oh My!


1. Define an Epic using your own words, or if you are able to quote it verbatim, you can use the stock definition that I have supplied you with. Kudos to you if you can. What is it?

2. There are 13 qualities of an Epic Hero. List at least 4.

3. We went over 8 traits of an Epic Hero. Name at least 3 of them and give an example of an Epic Hero who embodies each of those traits.
Homer uses plenty of Epithets!

Epithet: An adjectival or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned.

EXAMPLE: "Dirty old men." Old men are often unfairly awarded the epithet "dirty."
What is an Epithet?
What part of this question is the epiteth? Remember, it is the adjective, adjectival phrase, or descriptive phrase used to describe the noun (thing). In this instance, it is the unborn child.
Examples of Epithets:
Examples of Epithets
POP QUIZ BELL WORK: Epic, Epic Hero, and Epithet, Oh My!
Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn!
Helios, The Sun God

Helios in the name given to describe the noun, which is in this instance a God. Homer makes it more clear by defining his terms within the text, using the adjectival phrase (descriptive phrase) "The Sun God" to make it most evident to the reader that Helios is the Sun God whom he refers to.
An Example of Epithet From The Odyssey
Helios, The Sun God
BELL WORK: Define Epithet
Homer migh aptly create an epithet for this guy that may read something like this: Hippie Meme, God of Rancidity
1. Define Epithet

2. Make up your own Epithet. You will need a poignant, vivid, particularly encapsulating adjective, or adjectival phrase to describe you.

FOR EXAMPLE: Jess Haun, Hippie Who Showers
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