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The Odyssey

No description

Cyntra Lewsader

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of The Odyssey

Book 1
Homer asks the Muse to help him sing his tale

Odysseus left for the war in Troy and has not been home in 20 years.
The Odyssey
Book 1
Odysseus left for the war in Troy 20 years ago. Everyone at home (Ithaca) thinks he's dead.
Book 1
Odysseus held captive on Ogygia by Calypso.
Poseidon's idea--> Odysseus poked the Cyclops' eye out
Book 1
Athena begs Zeus to let Odysseus free. Zeus agrees to send Athena to help Telemachus.
Hermes goes to talk with Calypso.
Book 1
In Ithaca:
Odysseus' palace is overrun by Penelope's suitors.
Athena arrives disguised as Mentor
Book 2
Telemachus is fed up with the suitors & tries to become like his father & throw them out.
Book 2
Suitors demand Penelope to choose one. She uses trickery to stall. (Penelope <3 Odysseus)
Book 2
Athena (as Mentor) advises Telemachus to search for his father.
Eurycleia (Telemachus' nurse) helps him get ready
Athena gets crew & ships
Book 3
Telemachus arrives at Pylos & welcomed by King Nestor
Book 4
Telemachus leaves Pylos & continues toward Sparta
Stops at King Menelaus Palace
Telemachus doesn't tell King Menelaus or Helen who is he
Book 4
King Menelaus reminisces about Odysseus & tells war stories.
He tells Telemachus they believe Odysseus is still alive & with Calypso, but wants to come home.
Book 5
Calypso promises Odysseus immortality if she stays with her. (Odysseus longs to be with his wife)
Book 5
Hermes tells Calypso she must let Odysseus go.
Book 5
Calypso gives Odysseus a raft to help him travel home.
Odysseus leaves
Book 5
Poseidon refuses to let Odysseus travel safely & creates a dangerous storm.
Athena helps Odysseus
Odysseus arrives on Scheria
Book 8
King Alcinous invites Odysseus to stay for a banquet & is treated like a god.
Book #9
King Alcinous asks Odysseys to explain his journey
Odysseus' journey from Troy:
lost many men during raid on Cicones
Zeus punished survivors with North winds
Land of the Lotus Eater
Confrontation with the Cyclops (Polyphemus)
Book #10
Odysseus is still telling his journey
Odysseus lands on island of Aeolia. King Aeolus helps Odysseus
More men are killed by gigantic cannibals (Laestrygonians)
Odysseus lands on Aeaea, home of Circe.
Hermes gives Odysseus a plant to help rescue his men from Circe's power
Book #11
Odysseus continues to tell about his journey
Odysseus travels to the land of the dead where he seeks his destiny
Odysseus helps Teiresias return from the dead
Book #12
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