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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Minh Phạm

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

I born in May 5, 1999 In ĐDaNang, Suoth Viet Nam. I don't have a Brother,Sister I only have my family. In 2004 my Mom came to America. I and my Dad stayet in VietNam. The day my Mom go I'm 4 year old. I saw again 5, 7 , 8, 12, now live with her. In VietNam I go to Elementary Tieu La in 2005-2009, And I go to middle Pham Ngoc Thach 2009-2012. My Favarite sport is FootBall in American. In Vietnam I play soccer with my friend. She is my first Cousin. VietNam Freedom Flag. South Viet Nam In 8 or 9 year latter I came to American - August 30, 2012. I live In Sui sun, California. I go to Crystal Middle school in September 8, 2012. I can't speak English. In Crystal Middle School, I got more Friends and now I speak a little English. Every day after school, I go to work with my dad. Right now I in 8th grade. Next year I go to high school 9th-12th grade. My Life By .·'.·'*·~-.-(Duc Tran )-,.-~*.·'.·' She is my friend Minh Anh Pham .-**+_+**-.**-.
( I L0VE Y0U.)
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