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It's not "Why would we?" but "Why wouldn't we?"

Margarida Calado

on 9 September 2012

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Responsible for all communications,
PR, social media, events, and content creation. Create a closer connection to
their employees and consumers. Manage incoming internal clipping
and requests from the organization's
employees - creating, executing
and measuring internal media
campaigns. Responsible for employee support – answering questions however they come in (phone,
e-mail, corporate network) and
managing any online
feedback forums. Integrates the needs of all ownership modes (managed, Franchised, employed). Supports and
serves Operations in
Europe and Brand worldwide. Leads trade communities thank to
collaborative tools to develop
project and team work. Monitors HR 2.0 tools (twitter,
Facebook, blog…), looks for innovative solutions. Monitors external and internal HR benchmarking (looks for, shapes, transcribes, capitalizes
on the best practices and packages
Best Practices for use by the
all network). Insures the franchise Benchmarking (look after
Best practices in the franchise networks,
look for innovative solutions). Sets up and rolls out the internal
communication strategy. In connection with the HR
Marketing department (DGRH),
develops the internal and external
attractiveness and the promotion of the
Brand (for the Accor employees, the students, external candidates…). Using Google Analytics and other
measurement tools to provide reports on
metrics, and continually find ways to improve on
those metrics through testing and new initiatives. To develop the sense
of belonging to the brand. To integrate
the franchised. Global management which take
into account individualities. Online training. Director's club. Talent Portfolio. Collaborative Platform Best Practices Carrier Paths. Recognition and
Rewarding. MAKE
HAPPEN? Monitoring Dashboards. Online Surveys. Increase in Demand. Negotiated Contract.
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