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The Incredible Journey Book Report

Seventh Grade Summer- Summer Reading Project- Mrs. Saliba- 8th

Sean Woo

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of The Incredible Journey Book Report

The Incredible Journey
By, Sheila Burnford
148 pages
of this book is action and adventure because the animals set off on an adventure back to their homeland.
Luath is a young brown-eyed Labrador Retriever with a red-gold coat. He is powerfully built with a broad noble head and a blunt, gentle mouth. Luath is like the leader of the three pets on the journey back home even though he was added to the group last. He is the most determined to reach his real home, the Hunter's residence. Luath is the companion of the father of the Hunter family, Jim.
Bodger is an old white English with a deep chest and a stocky body. His left eye is nearly blind and gets tired quickly due to his age. Bodger is eleven years old just like his master Peter, the son of the Hunter family. Despite his age, Bodger is brave, loyal, humorous and still a good fighter. Bodger and the cat Tao have a very close companionship. Bodger really likes humans and tries to charm them to receive love, affection and not to mention food.
Tao is a wheat-colored Siamese cat with chocolate-colored front paws and sapphire eyes. Tao despises other cats like Bodger. Tao and Bodger are very close and have shared many experiences. Tao is the best hunter out of the three and often provided them with food. Tao is bold and is able to survive on his own for a awhile. Tao belongs to nine year old Elizabeth, the daughter of the Hunter family.
Main Events
First Main Event
The Hunter family is going away on a trip but they cannot take their beloved pets: Luath, Bodger and Tao along. This results in the family having to find someone to take care of these three family pets. They entrust John Longridge, Elizabeth's godfather, with their three companions. Jim, Peter, and Elizabeth are all sad that they have to leave their companions.
John lives in a cabin located in the wilderness of Northwest, Ontario Canada. A while after the animals have been staying with Longridge, he also leaves on a trip to Heron Lake. Leaving the animals alone with only an occational check up from the closest neighbor.
Luath decides he also wants to go on a trip so he follows his instincts West leading Bodger and Tao back to their real home, The Hunter's house.
Second Main Event

As the trio continues on their journey, Bodger grow weak and tired due to his old age and they face many trials and dangers. The first is when Bodger get attacked by a black mother bear protecting her cub. Tao, sacrificing his life, fights off the bear and saves Bodger from any further injuries.
Bodger is now very weak and injured and cannot walk any further. Tao goes and catches a bird and gives it to Bodger to eat. Bodger slowly starts to feel better and gains some strength to move along
Third Main Event
The three animals travel on. Soon, they reach a river that they need to cross. Luath, the fact that he likes the water and that he's the leader, crosses first with no problem. However, his other two companions, Bodger and Tao share a strong disliking of water. They stay on the other side still hesitating to cross the river.
Luath swims to the other side to urge Bodger and Tao to cross. Bravely, Bodger steps in and starts swimming. Luath continues to swim in front of Bodger but noticing that he was a weak swimmer, Luath swims next to him as to block the water from pushing his friend away downstream. Bodger successfully reaches the other side of the river.
Even though Luath is tired, he still goes back into the river to help Tao cross. Tao surprisingly is a great swimmer. As Luath is helping Tao cross, an old beaver dam upstream breaks sending a rush of water down and takes Tao downstream. Luath runs and try to save his friend but he is a tad to slow and Tao gets swept away. The two dogs are forced to leave their drowned friend and continue on their long journey.

Fourth Main Event
The drowned Tao continues to float down the river. It so happens that this river flow in front of the Nurmi's house. The Nurmis are a Finnish with a child named Helvi who has always wanted a pet to keep her company. One day, Helvi was out near the river and she saw the body of the drowned cat. Helvi ran and got her dad. He came out and saved the cat and nursed him back to health. Once Tao was recovered, he started back out to find his two companions.
As Tao continues on his search to find his friends, he picks up a scent path that Luath and Bodger leave behind so he follows it. While Tao is on his search for his friends, Luath gets attacked by a porcupine and gets multiple quills stuck in his jaw area. The three animals later meet up.
As they continue on, their journey, they meet a nice couple that owns a farm in the woods. The Mackenzie couple takes in the two dogs and removes the quills from Luath's jaw. The dogs are given food and affection during their stay. When Lhuath's jaw is almost recovered, the three pets continue on their long journey West back home.
Fifth Main Event
When John Longridge arrives back home from his trip, he is disappointed to find that the animals are not there. John makes calls to forest patrolers and near town polices but does not find any clues as to where they might have been. Suddenly he remembers the action that Luath made before John departed for his trip. Longridge now has a clue to where they might have gone. He gets out his map and traces the path to the Hunter's home. Yes, he was sure that they had gone home. But would they have made it? It's was nearly 300 miles and there were wild, vicious animals and rough terrain. With Bodger's old age and Tao being a house cat, there was a low chance that they had died along their journey.
During the Hunter's ride back to Longridge's house, Jim, Peter, and Elizabeth are anxious and filled with excitement of getting to see their beloved companions again. When they arrive, they are given the news by John that their beloved pets are not there. John and the Hunter family continue to call into places along the route of the animals.
The search continues without much luck so they decide to take a vacation up to Lake Windigo. This is where Elizabeth hears Luath's barking in the distance. The others doubt it but they all eventually hear it too. It is now that the animals and their masters reunite with much joy.
of this book is journey, friendship and teamwork. Friendship and teamwork were needed to accomplish the journey back home.
The Setting
This book takes place in the wilderness of Northwest Ontario, Canada. There in the wild are lakes, forests, rivers, and hills. There are only a few areas of human habitations and occasionally a couple small unpaved roads leading to the few cabins and houses in the wilderness of Ontario. As the book leads on, the three animals follow their instincts and continue West back home almost 300 miles away.

The Incredible Journey was an ok book. I liked reading it for the most part but at the same time there were downsides to it. One reason I liked the book is because I enjoyed the plot and another reason I liked reading the book is because I learned good lessons from it. The reason I did not fully enjoy the book is because I thought that the author could have been a little more descriptive in her writing.
One of the lessons I learned is when Bodger is being attacked by the bear and Tao fights off the bear knowing that he is sacrificing his own life. Here I learned that we should help out the people we love, no matter what it might result in.
I would recommend this book to people that enjoy adventure plots and people that enjoy reading about loyal friendships.

My Favorite Part
My favorite part of the book is when Luath helps Bodger and Tao to cross the river. I like this part because it shows loyalty, caring, a sign of close friendship, and that each
member of the trio will do
anything to help each
other, no matter
what it is.
Prezi done by: Sean Woo
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