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A Sunrise on the Veld

A breakdown of a short story called " A Sunrise on the Veld" that is written by Doris Lessing.

Zaahidah Ali

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of A Sunrise on the Veld

A Sunrise on the Veld Short story Presentation!
By: Zaahidah Ali 9C The Protagonist of the story is a young 15 year old boy. He loves to be free and wild and can be described as a bit arrogant because he feels he can control his body and outrun basic human needs like sleep. He is able to wake up earlier than others without the help of an alarm clock and can go days without any sleep at all. This makes him feel powerful and portrays him as a bit over-confident. Protagonist: This story is written in Limited Omniscient point of view because the author was able to portray the main characters feelings to us and show us his inner thoughts and feeling as well as understand his change of attitude after the incident with the buck. Besides this only the attitude, thoughts and feelings of the boy and not anyone else are described to us and it almost like we are in the head of the main character, therefore making it Limited Omniscient. Point of view: In the story the main character was a young boy who would be considered a Dynamic character because at the end of the story he had undergone change in the sense that he had learned a lesson about life that in a way had matured him a bit. Character Types: The setting of the story takes place in an African Veld. A veld is like a open-space of land somewhat like grasslands. The boys home was also the setting in the beginning of the story where he had gotten ready to start his day early in the morning without the knowledge of his parents. The author had talked about the setting a bit describing the tall grass and beautiful atmosphere around the boy. As well as described the floor of the boys home as cold and hard that shocked his feet when it had met contact with the ground. Setting Antagonist: Symbols: Flashbacks: Conflict of the story: Climax of the Story: Resolution of the story: The climax of the story is when the boy sees the buck laying on the ground being eaten alive by the ants because he has a severely broken leg and is unable to move. The boy is not sure of how it happened and has the choice to either kill the buck and rid it of its misery and anguish or just leave it alone. At this point his conscience kicks in, he knows either way, whether he kills it or not the buck will eventually die but it is up to him to make the choice on what to do. The resolution of the story is when the boy decides to not shoot the buck and rather leave it alone. He learns a big lesson on life and also realizes that he couldn't have saved the buck in any way because it was destined for the buck to die. The boy also decides to return back to the bush the next day and think about this experience again. Figurative Language: In the story the boy had one flashback where he was standing by the buck debating what to do when he had remembered himself as a small boy once again kicking sulkily at the skeleton, hanging his head, refusing to accept the responsibility, before he snapped back into reality. This would be an example of a flashback in the story. The beginning of the story introduces you to the main character.He is a young 15 year old boy who loves to be free and wild and thinks of himself as powerful since he is almost an adult. The boy thinks he knows everything about life and has his own perspective on things. During the story the boy has an awakening incident that makes him realize the reality of life and how harsh it can be sometimes. "A Sunrise on the Veld" which is the title is an indication of this because the sunrise can be referred to as the new lesson he learns in the story while on the African veld. Introduction: Theme: I think the buck in the story would be considered a Static character because essentially in the story the buck hadn't undergone any change. The boy had found him injured and being eaten alive by the ants and even at the end of the story the buck was still injured and attacked by the ants. There was really no antagonist in the story because there wasn't really a specific character who in the sense was bad. The main character in the beginning of the story had attitude and was a bit arrogant but that didn't necessarily make him bad. The buck in the story would symbolize death and how eventually everything will have to come to an end. The theme of the story is about life and death. Death is a part of life and ultimately we will all have to die one day just like the buck did. It was destined for the buck to die and there was nothing that the boy could have done to prevent this and he would have to just accept this fact and realize that life has to move on. The boy thought himself as powerful and invincible but realized that there is more to life that is definitely more powerful than him. The conflict of the story is really the conflict the boy has with himself. When he sees the buck injured like that and starts to make guesses on how that could have happened he realizes that he too is somewhat the reason of the bucks situation. He also realizes how he has taken advantage of life all this time when he sees how easily ones life can be taken away from him.

Another conflict is when the boy has the choice to either kill the buck and help it get out pain or just leave it alone. These would be an example of Man vs itself. Personification: "Small, glittering eyes"
This sentence is talking about the eyes of the buck when the boy had seen him for the first time. Personification: "Sleep seemed to him a servant to be commanded and refused"
This sentence is talking about the boys attitude towards sleep and his thinking that he is so powerful because of the fact that he can wake up so early without the help of anything and can go without sleep for several days. Figurative Language: Metaphor/Emphasis: "It was cold, cold"
This sentence is when the boy is getting ready early in the morning to go out hunting and feels the air around him in his home describing it as cold and emphasizing the feeling. Alliteration: "So that broken bones jutted over each other uselessly"
This sentence describes the sight the boy comes upon when he sees the buck lying on the ground due to a broken leg and it is described as mentioned above. Thank You for watching! Hope you enjoyed it & found it informational! Life would also be a symbol because using the buck as an example the boy was able to understand that eventually all things must come to an end whether we like it or not and its all just a part of a cycle that we can't control nor change rather we have to accept this fact and move on Simile: "Body, with arms and legs and fingers waiting like soldiers for a word of command!' This sentence talks about the boys body and his thinking that he is all powerful because of the fact the he can wake up early and "command"his body to do what he wants.
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