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p2- Elise Etrheim

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of p2- Elise Etrheim

By: Elise Etrheim Mesopotamia Mesopotamia was
the FIRST succseful
civilization. It had
a civilization needed.
such as... Before i tell you
anything else we need
to know where
Mesopotamia is. Cities
Written Language
Social Classes One king was Gilgamesh. He was only the King of Uruk . He was believed to be 2/3 of a god. He prayed for people safety and because his life was so boring he also prayed for FUN. These days we have a president but mesopotamians
had a King in each city-state Mesopotamians invented many things that we
still use today such as... the wheel, writing,
moola (money), and Irrigation.
The one that I think is most important to
our life today is Irrigation because without it
we would not be able to plant crops or
be able to water them in an easy way. Inventions :) Mesopotamia is located near the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Golf. Many people locate it by finding the Red sea which looks like a peace hand. without these sources you would not have a complete civilization Just like today they had social classes. They had slaves which were sold for more than a cow but less than a donkey. The next class was lower class and then upper class. Lower class had to work for a living. Everyone paid including the kings. Upper class wore expensive skins and lots of jewlry. S ocial Classes
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