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Using Social Media to find Jobs and Internships

Overview of the ways you can use social networks & media to help your career and job/internship search.

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Transcript of Using Social Media to find Jobs and Internships

Social Media and Networking
Laura Trotter Employers Profile Your effectiveness with networking using social media will depend on your afore-mentioned strategy. It is important that you research your industry and develop your profile before connecting with people. Network Using Social Media to find Jobs and Internships Careers Centre
University of Leeds Social Media As a recruitment tool To promote their opportunities To communicate with potential applicants How are Graduate
Recruiters using it? What are employers looking for in candidate's online profiles? STRATEGY Number of people
I could be introduced to. Discuss . . . In Summary: Social media can be used as a tool to aid your career development but it is not a quick fix.
Start small using platforms that are relevant to your interests and develop before you showcase.
Consider your personal brand - how do you want others to perceive you? Be vigilant and authentic. Questions? @LeedsUniCareers Research Commercial Awareness Finding Opportunities Application Tips
Break into Advertising, Marketing and PR using Social Media: Tuesday 16th October 12:30 – 1:30pm
Break into the Charity & Voluntary Sector using Social Media: Wednesday 14th November 1-2pm
LinkedIn Lab: Wednesday 24th October 2-4pm and Thursday 1st November 5:15pm–7pm
Twitter Lab: Wednesday 21st November 2-4pm and Thursday 29th November 5:15pm-7pm

Book online at http://careerweb.leeds.ac.uk Careers Centre social media workshops: How you can use it................ How you can use it................ How you can use it................ Which platforms will you use?
In what ways?
What are you trying to achieve?
How do you want to be perceived? /LeedsUniCareers Talk to us: Drop-in at Careers Centre Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm http://careerweb.leeds.ac.uk What is your "digital footprint"?
What information can others find about you online?
Can you take steps to remove any potentially negative content?
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