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SS Gairsoppa

No description

Mr. Stack

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of SS Gairsoppa

By Aditya and Praneeth
SS Gairsoppa
On 17 February 1941, Captain Ernst submerged his awesome 66 meter-long U-boat U-101, which carried 14 torpedoes and 26 mines, and moved in for the attack! By the end of the war Ernst had sunk over 70,000 tons of shipping, most of it British merchantmen. Four torpedoes were fired, one hitting its mark. Around 22.30 hours an explosion occurred in the Gairsoppa’s no. 2 hold. The impact of just one torpedo caused the foremast to crash onto the deck, snapping the wireless antennae and cutting the ship off from the outside world, so no distress call could be sent. Water began to wash over her bow and the forecastle was quickly submerged. The bow continued to sink, propelling the stern clear out of the water. Shortly after the attack,... the Gairsoppa slipped deep into the icy waters of the North Atlantic Sea!
On the SS Gairsoppa, there was 86 people but after the SS Gairsoppa sank, only 1 out of the 86 people survived. the reason why the SS Gairsoppa sank is by getting attacked by U-101 as you read before.
The SS Gairsoppa was heading from Calcutta, Fredown ( Jan. 30 ) - Galway, Ireland - London.

The position of the SS Gairsoppa is at 50 degrees 0'0 N, 14 degrees 0'0 W, - Grid BE 3437.
How It Sunk
The SS Gairsoppa carried 48 tons of silver, 2,600 tons of pig iron, 1,765 tons of tea, 200 tons of silver ingots and coins (£ 600,000)
Route Position
Nationality & Owner
The SS Gairsoppa was British as the owner was the British India Steam Navigation co Ltd, London.
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