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Some thoughts on professional learning

A tour of CPD tools available to Scottish educators to self-evaluate, identify and do CPD collegiately

Con Morris

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of Some thoughts on professional learning

Con Morris - National CPD team CLD Workshop - O http://bit.ly/cpdfind http://bit.ly/lm09 http://twitter.com/cpdscotsman http://bit.ly/whatcpdr http://bit.ly/cpdreflect http://bit.ly/Elcslc2 http://google.co.uk http://bit.ly/cpdrusers If you want more...

e: c.morris@ltscotland.org.uk
t: @cpdscotsman
m: 0791 776 1397

Thanks! http://bit.ly/cpdshort6 http://bit.ly/cpdstepin http://bit.ly/cpdchall Leadership survey http://bit.ly/lrtess http://bit.ly/cpdlinks Flexible Routes Lord, if I die, let it be during a twilight session when the difference between life and death is imperceptible! http://renfrewshire.cpdservice.net/ http://bit.ly/cpdlead http://bit.ly/dundeecfe http://bit.ly/staffroom http://bit.ly/ltswork http://bit.ly/gordoncfe Influences Online communities Web 1.0 sites +glow = +collegiality http://bit.ly/sumsch10
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