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Do dreams have a meaning?

No description

Maranda Murray

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Do dreams have a meaning?

Above is a picture of the stages of sleep, There are 5 stages In total. Lets take a look!!!
Why do we dream?
At night we close our eyes and let our body rest, however our mind is still racing thinking on and on. On most nights we have dreams, we dream of normally the last thing we think about or the last thing we see before we go to bed. There are may theories of why we dream here are a few;

The Evolutionary Theory:
We Dream to Practice Responses to Threatening Situations. (self-explanatory)

Dreaming is like defragmenting your hard drive:
Francis Crick and Graeme Mitchison said
"we dream in order to forget."
What they mean by this is that your brain while you sleep keeps all the important things and gets rid of any unimportant information that way your brain doesn't get full.

Dreaming creates wisdom
: Much like the last one, it helps keep and get rid of the things you need and don't need. It also helps you use your muscle memory, in your dreams you will ride a bike or run or walk these things are in a way excersising your memory.
Just a quick video
This video answers a few of the questions such as; Some history from the Egyptians on dreams, Why we have nightmares, The most common dreams and nightmares, and reality vs. not etc. (how stuff works)
Do dreams have a meaning?
I've always wondered...
As humans we have to sleep that's a fact, but when we sleep we also dream is there a meaning to the dreams we have or are they just random things that pop up in our mind while we are sleeping ? Is there a reason we dream? Is there a certain dream that just keeps repeating in our minds? How many people are inspired by their dreams? What's the most common way people sleep? What are most people's dreams about? As, I continued to wonder about these questions, I decided to research and find out what other people have to say.
What ways do people sleep?
These are just a few ways that people sleep, I put a survey online and had 20 friends take it, I put my findings into a graph to the left.
Maranda Murray B8
Sleep is necessary for the human body
Of course we
know this but is
In the last stage you have whats called REM sleep which stands for Rapid Eye Movement, this is where your brain deletes (in a way) the information you don't need (Psychology Today)
(Google Images)
(Google Images)
This is the information got from my survey
In Conclusion
Throughout this study, there were many things learned, We don't dream in color, because there is no light to create color. What the most common way people sleep which is the foetus it looks almost like you are curled up in a ball. The most common fantasy; Flying and the most common nightmare; being chased. and also the stages of sleep the last one is Rapid Eye Movement. This study has shown that we have many things going on in our brains while we are sleeping, not just breathing heavy.
Connecting it all to Animal Farm
As this was an open ended question to Animal Farm I choose this question because in the book, in the beginning of the book major had a dream that they can take over the human race and create the (p.3) 'animal farm' like today many were inspired by it and pursued his dream. They carried it out and mostly succeeded. We can do this too we can be inspired by our dreams and carry them out you never know what could happen. You could become a napoleon an ambassador!

(Animal Farm)
Do we dream in color?
For so many people they think that they dream in color when in reality you don't. I have a few questions for you, How is color created? Color is created with light is reflected, but when you are sleeping your eyes are closed.Making it so there is no light and therefore, you dream in black and white. The way that you see color is when you wake up your brain automatically adds in the colors to your dreams. So, no you do not dream in color.

(American Psychology)
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