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Charles Herndon

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Doctor

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers design and operate equipment and processes that bring about a change to physical matter
Most chemical engineers are salaried employees of large manufacturing companies, primarily in the chemical, electronics, oil, pulp and paper, and related industries. Others work for professional, scientific, or technical services firms
Chemical engineers make around 80 to 140 thousand a year depending how long you've been there
Chemical engineers take scientific principles and apply them to practical situations, like helping companies use chemicals to produce everything from gas to toothpaste.
Most chemical engineers work for large manufacturing and processing companies. They are responsible for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining industrial equipment and processes in their companies’ plants.
Chemical engineers’ skills can be applied in many situations. Some help companies refine oil and gas or process minerals such as nickel. Others create pulp and paper products from trees.

A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is the minimum educational requirement to work in this field. However, while it is possible to find work with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or PhD is often required
High school students interested in pursuing a career in chemical engineering should take courses in chemistry, biology, math, physics, and English.
At a glance
Education and career path
Job description
By: Arthur Nixon
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